Friday, 23 September 2011

Hello Beauty Consultant!

I went to a second job interview at the chain of stores where I work today. It was got a better position than i already work... much better. It would be for a beauty consultant role, this means fragrance, cosmetics, electrical, all of them. And i was so nervous, for years I have gone into Selfridges, debenhams and John Lewis just in love with the displays and the look of them always saying "thats what I want to be" and today... I AM ONE!!!! I got offered the job and I could be starting in two weeks, it's amazing, i'm so excited. This is my happy face
Oh I am so happy! It's going to be great, once I train to be a beauty consultant I would get a perfume allowance. Oh lord! They will give me a budget and all i have to do is buy fragrance within that budget. MY MY MY. Hello perfection!

Hello there!

Hey gorgeous people :) I'm claire, I look like this (when i'm being posey!)
I work in a store which sells makeup and fragrance so my collections are in abundance!
I would love to review and blog about anything that interests me, seeing as i spend so much money on these things I may as well write about it!!