Saturday, 29 September 2012

YSL Créme De Blush

Oh look at it, look how gorgeous it is! I was so lucky to be given this by my friend for no reason! What a babe, I remember eyeing it up though and thinking, good golly thats a pretty pink!
This is a blush but if you like matte lip colours, I would so use this on my lips too, mine are too dry right now but you wait, it will happen!

it's a strange consistancy, creme, whipped? Who knows, It's super soft though! 

Literally feels like rubbing velvet onto your skin, you might be into that!

So it's actually a really subtle colour once on, it can be scary though when you're unsure how much to put on, but building is key!
I will be using this more and more I feel! Summer is over, i'm going to throw the bronzer to the bottom of my make up bag and opt for this and feel all cheery and pink! 
I'm so glad my friend gave me this! I love everything about it! The packaging, the smell (of course the YSL scent), the colour, the feel... everything! I want one in every colour!!!

Have you tried this?!

Thursday, 27 September 2012

No7 Perfect Match made foundation thingy ma jig!

Hellooo there!! I've been meaning to write about this forever! I learnt about this magic machine back in April but could not say anything so I'm so excited to tell everyone who maybe does not know!
No7 is a brand from Boots stores, it's their top selling cosmetics and has won so many prizes, you may have heard of their protect & perfect serum (which is amazing) which sold out minutes after it's launch!

This clever machine claims to match your natural skin tone to one of the No7 Foundation colours, and oh boy does it!
So this is the machine in question! I was told it's a device... not a machine. Righto, it's still a machine though, device sounds like a probe!!
It's so simple to use, once calibrated you take off a small area of foundation (if you're wearing any) and simply place the camera part over your skin, take a picture and repeat with the other side, then it will give you an average colour!
You know it's a good match as they use a traffic light system, Green will appear if its perfect, yellow if it's a good match and red to basically say No! Try again! Ha!

So my sister was dying to get measured so whilst out shopping we popped into Boots and just asked for the service, she was sat down, & actually I wasn't too happy with the Consultants manner and knowledge of the products but boots are usually really good so don't take that as be all end all! 
She was matched up and given the right shade and sent away happy with her correct shade because I had a £5 No7 off voucher, woo!
The consultant measured her but as she went to find the colour I made her take a photo haha! 
could not resist a pose, what are we like?!

Anyway, I myself got measured when I was went to a whole day about it and I even got given a full size bottle to take away with me of my perfect colour!

 So I got given the stay perfect range, which isn't actually my favourite, I would have picked either the Beautifully Matte or the Lift and Luminate which is meant for over 40's but is just such a gorgeous coverage! This however is supposed to last the day, which to me it doesn't but maybe it does last longer than others, I'm not too sure as mine never tend to last!
I got matched to Cool Vanilla, personally I would have preferred Warm Vanilla as this is the second palest and I do like something a bit warmer. I was given the option of taking home the one I preferred, but for reviewing the machine purposes, I wanted to go with the one it recommended!
The things I do for you people ;)

Hey ho, photo of the bottle.

it's soooo paleee *cries*

Naughty me, testing it on my hand, don't shout at me, we all do it! I mainly do it for constancy and to pre-test it almost! This is quite a runny liquid but as you rub it in it does go creamier, I would so suggest putting this on with fingers as it's just too runny for a sponge or brush!

So here i am putting it on my face lalala it's going to be pale theres no way this will ma-

Oh holey moley the thing bloody works, how does that match my skin!?!? Well I'll be dammed!

Yes, apparently I am the second from palest after all. It takes a bit of getting used to wearing your natural shade cause thats what this is all about. Natural! After a few uses I agree that this suits me, however, I would still prefer the warmer one. Why? Just because :(

If you're interested in this service, it's free!!!!!
Go into Boots and just ask "Hi i've heard about this foundation match, Is someone able to measure my skin please?" and before you know it you'll be sitting in that chair being amazed at how you lived without it.
If you're worried that they'll give you a natural colour that you think is a bit pale, i'm sure they'll be fine finding a warmer shade for you. I've done that myself no worries, they understand that you want something to give you a bit more colour. Don't be afraid to ask!!

So there is that wonderful thing, want to know something even more cool? No7 has it exclusive for a whole year, so maybe next year other counters will have it but for now, if you wanna experience it, Boots is the only place which to me, is pretty fancy!

Let me know if you've been matched! What did you think?!

this was not sponsored at all, I work for No7 but I am always completely honest just as i am with my customers! I would never say something was amazing when it's not and I did not get paid for writing this, although who thinks I should!!? haha xo

Monday, 24 September 2012

cheer up darling it might never happen

Oh my gosh, I have so many posts about beauty and reviews but seriously, right now, this cat is the one. Look at it's little grumpy face! I'm not sure if it's edited but I'm begging nobody to ruin it for me, it's amazing. 
I saw this little guy and had to show my boyfriend and he thought the same thing as I did, it is me in cat form!
I'm a happy person but a grumpy one! I lose my temper quickly and pull a weird bulldog face when I don't get my own way and this is that face!! How amazing it is?
Aw, anyway, I got a few laughs out of it so hopefully you will too!
Sorry my blog is cat themed, complete accident!
I hope you're all well and I seriously will get my bum in gear and post something real!

Saturday, 22 September 2012

"and a cloud of dust crosses the finishing line..."

Hiiiii beauty queens! Saturday is here & I hope you're all loving the freezing cold sunshine because I so am, mitten weather!!

Today was the Cancer Research race for life in my town! I only run to the fridge or if i see a sale so it wasn't i who was taking part but my super fast sister! 
She recently joined a running club and realised she's a super pro runner so her life has turned into that similar to road runner (without the coyote chasing her which is actually quite key in road runners life so really i just mean hey, she runs a lot!)

She entered in memory of my late great Granddad Johnny who died of Lung cancer bless him and my brave inspiring Nanny Trisha who beat the slim odds and survived colon cancer! 

This morning I woke up feeling like I was on deaths door myself, my toothache made me want to cry and my stomach was being all sad and then my time of the month came a calling so I turned into a hedgehog (I wish literally they're so cute) and became a ball of self pity, I told my mum I wasn't going to go to the race for life (which I could hear super loud in my bedroom playing powerful girl ballads) and I carried on meowing into my pillow cause I do that. 

It started at 11 so I thought, they won't leave till like 10.40 right? Wrong. They left at like 10 which I felt okay enough to go by that time so I heard the door slam and I realised they'd left me *whimper* so I sat there thinking "Do I? Don't I?" then i decided "I do!!" and jumped out of bed, changed clothes and just stuck my sunnies on to hide the lack of face I was rocking. I was only 5 minutes behind them but I could not catch them up for anything could i?! I was running!! I ran the whole way there! My throat was closing up cause I was all hungry and dying and stuff I was like WHY MUST I RUN?! But I am so glad I went! My other sister came too so we had fun!

My sister was doing the 10k and her running club gave her a target of 43 minutes or something? Well she did it in 42!!! Hells yeah, that shit is craaaay! She over took most of the 5k runners and was the first 10k runner to cross the finish line and although Race for Life isn't all about winners, she bloody won, okay!!

I am so super proud of her, imagine doing that? I've never won anything like that, maybe like a food eating competition but thats not something to be proud of!! 

So my sister had a target of £100 and she made £135! So well done, that's a big amount to be helped for people with cancer (Eff you cancer seriously) and if anyone feels they would like to sponsor her please do! Click here! It would mean so much as who hasn't been affected by cancer? That's what is so great about race for life really because other stuff it's so easy to bury your head in the sand as you can't relate to it! Like the dancing bears or those sweet donkeys! It's like they're terribly sad, but it's easy to ignore, cancer you can't as it's everywhere the daemon that it is!

I don't mean to lower the tone so apologies! But a big yay to my sister who is definitely barking mad for being able to run so fast but amazing none the less!!

Did you do race for life this year? 
Or anything similar? Let me know :)


Friday, 21 September 2012


MOW! I have a terrible tooth ache! It came last week but it disappeared so I went on with my life and today it hit - hard. I am in so much pain, I had 2 codeine and 1 more an hour after and it did nothing I am going to be killed by this tooth ache!

Photo of me feeling sorry for myself looking out of a window

This would be made all that bit easier if I had my boyfriend Adam here to cuddle and feel sorry for me as much as i feel sorry for myself but he's gone to see his dad in Dover this weekend leaving me lonely!! He only told me the other day which is just so mean right? 

Me being grumpy on the side of my bed when Adam told me he was leaving this weekend

I expected this weekend to be filled with me moping, crying of pain and eating poptarts galore (that will still happen) but I got a text off my friend Jasmine saying she'd won free entry to a club in our town, a free booth and free shots or champagne or something! I pondered as I only have £14 and Adam is usually my taxi but to be honest, I have plenty of left over alcohol that needs drinking and usually silly poor nights are the best anyway so I'm super excited, it's just what I needed to occupy me this weekend!

Me buzzing about saturday night antics
I'm a very anxious person so the fact Adam (who is usually there in a flash if i ever need him) will be so far away and cannot come save me if I need to is really scary. He escorts me home when i've drunk too much and provides me with water and cuddles if i'm ever ill and that going to be fending for myself is weird! it's like old days or something!

me being anxious on the floor

Well I'm really hoping I feel good enough for tomorrow, I'd hate to go out feeling pooooo! I've also got to learn to not rely on Adam so much really and to prowl out of his pocket cause i've just got comfortable knowing he's there for me which is a good thing, but i'm sure he'd love me to be a bit more independent! 

I'm super duper excited though! I'll take lots of photos no doubt so thank you all for letting me have a moan and that ! 
And sorry about all the self shots* (*taken from trusty google) i'm off to have an itty bitty kitty committee! 

what I'm wearing tomorrow

Night all!

Have a rave not a rant!

Hi there, so from the photo you can see, I've complained. I complained hard and Nandos gave me free food. Yes I suppose they did try to kill* me loading the food i was eating full of what I was allergic to after I asked for it twice without but complaining does have it's plus points. 

After working in a store I became very good at standing my ground and what the person behind the till needs to hear until they give in. How disgusting is that to say? But I learnt to be manipulative almost. I also learnt that an email does a hell of a lot of good in your favour. I've actually complained to nandos a few times, they seem to always chuck Dairy into my food and make me send it back which means by the time it comes back, i'm eating alone (does anyone else despise eating alone?) and I've always got a good response, but one time the manager remembered me, came and asked how I was, personally called me to check I got my "chicken cheque" and literally went above and beyond. So I thought "hey if she was rude, I would complain but she is being lovely, so why not tell her managers that" so I did and I got a sweet reply at how she was being rewarded some way or another! 

So I didn't get any free chicken to feast on but I did feel good that she was a really good manager and who doesn't feel under appreciated in their jobs? So with any hope she got shown the email and went home that day thinking not all customers were meanies!!

This has become something I do a lot, just last week I was shopping in lush (YUM) and I was casually speaking to my sister about the Big shampoo, she overheard and literally ran to grab it and show me, it did not feel pushy at all, when I was all polite like "ooh yes thank you" i turned to my sister and mentioned how expensive it was and before I knew it she was decanting into little pots for me and my sister and threw in a chunk of the conditioner for free! It was so nice that she could have just carried in with what she was doing I mean she had customers about but she went all out when she didn't have to and it means a lot to me cause I always do that to my customers at work and it's nice for someone to do that for me, so with my new "rave not rant" hat on I wrote a email bigging up Naomii (checked my recipet!) and how she was such a doll, she told me by the way the founder of lush speciallises in haircare, like he trained to be some fancy pants haircare expert (she said a name, i didn't remember the name) this sold me, i'm so trying more of their shampoos, I'm yet to use Big but when I do expect fireworks, i've heard it was amazing.

a nandos "Mediterranean salad" which is supposed to contain tomatos, pepper, paprika dressing, celery and some other bits and bobs, however, i received a rabbits dream!

So what I've babbled on about is i'm all for complaining when it feels right. Never complain just for free stuff and never try to single out staff who you've felt have been rude, talk to people who you were with if they actually were being as rude as you felt. You never know what someone is going through that day, someone thought my colleague at work was being rude but in reality her sick grandad had been ill for months and she had been his carer almost and he had just died the day before. But also, of course complain if you really feel somethings not right (like some woman arguing with me that i definitely asked for extra cheese, i'm allergic, why would i!)

But with every rant you write to a company, write a rave! Maybe not about that shop assistant that gave you a big bag just because you wanted one, they're just doing their job but about that shop assistant that came up to you cause she saw you looked lost or found it no problem to stand and talk to you and hear everything you had to say, they're things they don't have to do they just did! 

If anyone makes you walk away saying "oh she was really sweet" then always write a letter to the company or right then ask to see their manager, coming from someone in retail, it means so much to have someone turn around and sincerely say "Thank you!" 

I hope you're all well and have no need to write complains!
Have you ever had to complain? Let me know, i have many more stories!

*I joke, i wouldn't have died, just got food poisoning type illness for a few hours!

Monday, 17 September 2012


Hey hiiii hello!! Don't mind the posing photo, that was taken after many jager bombs!! 
So this post is all about tannnnnning! It's not a how to or anything, it's just what I have and how I do it! I never used to be much of a tanner till last year, i associated tan with orange skin and now I see it doesn't have to be like that (and actually I don't mind a bit of orange!)

Naturally my skin is the pale side of Olive. My dads skin is like super dark as soon as summer hits and one of my sisters friends who is Jamaican did not think he was our dad cause he's so dark. Luckily, I take after him and I got his skin! Genetic Raffle!

I'm not big on sunbathing as I get so bored and I lay out for ten minutes and expect instant results. It's like every couple of minutes i check if I have a tan line & when I don't i sulk and go watch Friends or something. Plus the health warnings scare me a lot so instant self tanner is for me!

I'm quite a bad tanner really, I tend to just tan when i have an occasion like a night out but the last time I tanned I realised how much healthier it made me look and the confidence I get so I'm decided to try and stay tanned for as long as I can! But usually I don't have a routine on how I use it!

I do usually just have a bath cause I know I'm not gonna want to bathe after I tan till maybe the next day and it's a nice way to relax and get all the old tan off if you still have it on!
Most people say to exfoliate the day before but i tend to just put on my exfoliating gloves now and rub my knees and elbows. I'm so lazy I swear!
The pretty pink ducks are optional but I do highly recommend having them!

When I get out of the bath I throw on heaps of this stuff, however much I put in my legs and arms I put three times as many layers on my elbows! I have dark elbows and knees at the best of times (it's odd my mum has a skin condition which makes her have patches of no skin pigment and wherever she has a white patch I have dark patches which are like permanent bruises! spooky) 
The perk of this is it's SUPER moisturising and it smells like chocolate so when that fake tan smell hits it's literally delicious!

These are some of my tans! I do love a bargain so St. Moriz is used a lot! I have a few gradual moisturisers which I don't tend to use really as they were used when I was scared of fake tan and now we're best friends I don't need those pesky weaklings! 

I love the moriz mousse! I use a layer of medium and then the dark because it tends to go darker and look more of a natural dark than a dipped in mud look!
The Soltan bottle was the first tan I bought from boots! It was good but VERY shimmery but I do really love the smell of it but at £6 I can just get bottles of st moriz for that! 
The St tropez is an instant tan (must have!) because as you're well aware I'm lazy and sometimes I do not want to move and get up to tan so in the morning i'll whack that on if im wearing a dress! Its really natural and gives a good colour but nothing does beat a wear off tan! 
The last is the Fake Bake beyond bronze airbrush tanner and I wish I could afford to buy this all the time!! It does make a lot of mess as it gets into the air so the whole bathroom is like brown not just where you sprayed it so i think when I live alone I will use this always but for now I cannot be doing with the agg from my mum and sister about why everythings "orange".

Silly pale peasants hhaha!

So this is the mess after using the fake bake, it doesn't look TOO bad though right?

eeeeek it looks like a murder scene!!! There is just so much wastage with this product though! It kills me having to put all that down the drain! 
At least with my Mousse tans the wastage in the mit is so tiny!

and my fake tanned feet! hahah they looked so dirty for days :(

So that was just be babbaling about fake tan for a bit! I'm really gonna try and remain tanned cause i LOVE being so brown and it makes you look so much slimmer and healthier. Quickly going to become addicted!
What tan do you use?!
Any you could reccomend?!
Have a fabulous day today and if you ever miss summer just crack out the tan!

Thursday, 13 September 2012

The first day of the rest of my life...

hello pretty mcvitties! i'm so sorry for my last little moaner post, I was feeling super low and needed a break from everything. I got stuck in at work even though it was making me sad and i've had a lot of lovely things said about me by the right people.

When I was feeling my life wasn't going fab I applied for a few jobs in Primary Education and closed my computer, probably ate and forgot about them quite frankly.

This morning I however woke up with a cold and a job interview. I really did not know which one was making me feel more sick.

It was for a teaching assistant and it was going to be a telephone interview either today or tomorrow. I was so nervous!!!! I'm usually quite iffy on the phone so I was terrified!
I waited all day by my phone then decided a quick 15 minute trip to tesco for dinner was needed. I forgot my phone so of course when I came back there was a missed call from an unknown number


I emailed the company and apologised and luckily they rang again, of course whilst my niece was playing with my phone watching sean the sheep on youtube! I answered the phone and this voice which so was not mine came out, it was my nervous chatty quirky voice. Perfect, i'm not even being sarcastic, i needed this fake confidence and I don't have it naturally. 
You might wonder why I don't just fake confidence the whole time if it works so well, I don't know either, it crops up and i pull it off sometimes and other times, its just not there. It's weird!
But I was chatty, fun and seemed to be saying all the right answers. 
I had a great time talking to the lad Max on the other end but unfortunatly I didn't get it. So why am i feeling so upbeat?

Well, because he is in the field I want to be in and he liked me.
He said for 21 I was so sensible, I have a great head on my shoulders, I'm well spoken, polite and that I was the nicest person he'd spoken to in months which means he'd really enjoyed speaking to me. He did say my knowledge needed improving on which I so agree with but he added that you can  learn knowledge but personality you either have or you dont. 

I've never been a girl who can speak to just anyone, I'm quite shy sometimes and I get intimidated easily so to hear that actually, he thought I was great  is just lovely because I have that real confidence I fake deep down I just have to use it more!!!
He gave me a few tips on courses to help improve my knowledge and then said "once you get that knowledge you're going to make an excellent teacher, all you need is to sit in an interview and after 3 minutes they'll be begging for you to be at their school" which is just the biggest compliment ever.

So, a few days I felt so low I wanted to give up on everything but being so low it made me apply for that job, speak to that guy and be given the BIGGEST boost I needed, plus it showed me i'm aiming for the right thing, I can do this.

It's amazing how things work out. I feel back to normal really. I've dyed my hair back to my natural brown, I've had a day out with my sister for a little pick me up and I am so happy.

I spent far too much money in Hollister but i'm happy, haha!!

Thank you whoever made it this far, this entry might be more for me than you really but I hope it inspires you maybe!!

If you feel like giving up, feel it. Feel how horrible you feel and with that turn it into something great.
If its your job, go apply for more.
If its your friends, drop them a text and go for a drink.
If its your education, go look up how to get more qualifications.
I'm all for feeling sorry for yourself when you feel down, really, but also if you feel that down, you can always do something to bring YOURSELF back up.

I hope you're all well and please message me if you ever relate to anything I write about, I'd love to hear what everyone else does when they're down and any personal experiences.

With love

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

I wanna get out!!

Image Google
"Don't wanna grow up, I wanna get out, take me away!"

Hi there! I promise I'll get back to reviewing pretty little beauty things soon but for now I've got to be honest. I am just so bored!
I love make up but right now even that makes me so frustrated! 
Without trying to put a pooper on your day I feel like my life is going in no direction!
I expected so much more when I turned 21, I didn't want to still be living at home nor did I expect only to be in a part time job!

When I got my job as a Beauty Consultant last year I was over the moon, it seemed like exactly what I wanted and yes at the time it was, but I've been with the same company for it seems forever now, I do love it there but it just makes me wonder, will I end up doing what I'm supposed to be doing here?

Right now I feel tied down by too much stuff to just say "sod it" and drop it all and just go somewhere. I'm 21, should I feel like this???
My boyfriend is starting his first year of Uni and I'm terrified he will leave me behind. Will he still have time for me?
I'm so hoping his Uni course takes him somewhere so I can just quit everything and leave with him.
I would love to move somewhere crazy and just leave.

I'm almost certain I'm repeating the same things here and sounding like a Moaning Murtle but I guess thats just what this bored funk is doing to me.

I need something super interesting to happen and that will only happen if I make it happen.

I need fun and oppotunity. I need change thats for sure.

I don't do boring, I really don't do that well.

Help me, tell me I'm not alone?
Sorry for being a poo!!!