Friday, 21 September 2012


MOW! I have a terrible tooth ache! It came last week but it disappeared so I went on with my life and today it hit - hard. I am in so much pain, I had 2 codeine and 1 more an hour after and it did nothing I am going to be killed by this tooth ache!

Photo of me feeling sorry for myself looking out of a window

This would be made all that bit easier if I had my boyfriend Adam here to cuddle and feel sorry for me as much as i feel sorry for myself but he's gone to see his dad in Dover this weekend leaving me lonely!! He only told me the other day which is just so mean right? 

Me being grumpy on the side of my bed when Adam told me he was leaving this weekend

I expected this weekend to be filled with me moping, crying of pain and eating poptarts galore (that will still happen) but I got a text off my friend Jasmine saying she'd won free entry to a club in our town, a free booth and free shots or champagne or something! I pondered as I only have £14 and Adam is usually my taxi but to be honest, I have plenty of left over alcohol that needs drinking and usually silly poor nights are the best anyway so I'm super excited, it's just what I needed to occupy me this weekend!

Me buzzing about saturday night antics
I'm a very anxious person so the fact Adam (who is usually there in a flash if i ever need him) will be so far away and cannot come save me if I need to is really scary. He escorts me home when i've drunk too much and provides me with water and cuddles if i'm ever ill and that going to be fending for myself is weird! it's like old days or something!

me being anxious on the floor

Well I'm really hoping I feel good enough for tomorrow, I'd hate to go out feeling pooooo! I've also got to learn to not rely on Adam so much really and to prowl out of his pocket cause i've just got comfortable knowing he's there for me which is a good thing, but i'm sure he'd love me to be a bit more independent! 

I'm super duper excited though! I'll take lots of photos no doubt so thank you all for letting me have a moan and that ! 
And sorry about all the self shots* (*taken from trusty google) i'm off to have an itty bitty kitty committee! 

what I'm wearing tomorrow

Night all!

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