Monday, 17 September 2012


Hey hiiii hello!! Don't mind the posing photo, that was taken after many jager bombs!! 
So this post is all about tannnnnning! It's not a how to or anything, it's just what I have and how I do it! I never used to be much of a tanner till last year, i associated tan with orange skin and now I see it doesn't have to be like that (and actually I don't mind a bit of orange!)

Naturally my skin is the pale side of Olive. My dads skin is like super dark as soon as summer hits and one of my sisters friends who is Jamaican did not think he was our dad cause he's so dark. Luckily, I take after him and I got his skin! Genetic Raffle!

I'm not big on sunbathing as I get so bored and I lay out for ten minutes and expect instant results. It's like every couple of minutes i check if I have a tan line & when I don't i sulk and go watch Friends or something. Plus the health warnings scare me a lot so instant self tanner is for me!

I'm quite a bad tanner really, I tend to just tan when i have an occasion like a night out but the last time I tanned I realised how much healthier it made me look and the confidence I get so I'm decided to try and stay tanned for as long as I can! But usually I don't have a routine on how I use it!

I do usually just have a bath cause I know I'm not gonna want to bathe after I tan till maybe the next day and it's a nice way to relax and get all the old tan off if you still have it on!
Most people say to exfoliate the day before but i tend to just put on my exfoliating gloves now and rub my knees and elbows. I'm so lazy I swear!
The pretty pink ducks are optional but I do highly recommend having them!

When I get out of the bath I throw on heaps of this stuff, however much I put in my legs and arms I put three times as many layers on my elbows! I have dark elbows and knees at the best of times (it's odd my mum has a skin condition which makes her have patches of no skin pigment and wherever she has a white patch I have dark patches which are like permanent bruises! spooky) 
The perk of this is it's SUPER moisturising and it smells like chocolate so when that fake tan smell hits it's literally delicious!

These are some of my tans! I do love a bargain so St. Moriz is used a lot! I have a few gradual moisturisers which I don't tend to use really as they were used when I was scared of fake tan and now we're best friends I don't need those pesky weaklings! 

I love the moriz mousse! I use a layer of medium and then the dark because it tends to go darker and look more of a natural dark than a dipped in mud look!
The Soltan bottle was the first tan I bought from boots! It was good but VERY shimmery but I do really love the smell of it but at £6 I can just get bottles of st moriz for that! 
The St tropez is an instant tan (must have!) because as you're well aware I'm lazy and sometimes I do not want to move and get up to tan so in the morning i'll whack that on if im wearing a dress! Its really natural and gives a good colour but nothing does beat a wear off tan! 
The last is the Fake Bake beyond bronze airbrush tanner and I wish I could afford to buy this all the time!! It does make a lot of mess as it gets into the air so the whole bathroom is like brown not just where you sprayed it so i think when I live alone I will use this always but for now I cannot be doing with the agg from my mum and sister about why everythings "orange".

Silly pale peasants hhaha!

So this is the mess after using the fake bake, it doesn't look TOO bad though right?

eeeeek it looks like a murder scene!!! There is just so much wastage with this product though! It kills me having to put all that down the drain! 
At least with my Mousse tans the wastage in the mit is so tiny!

and my fake tanned feet! hahah they looked so dirty for days :(

So that was just be babbaling about fake tan for a bit! I'm really gonna try and remain tanned cause i LOVE being so brown and it makes you look so much slimmer and healthier. Quickly going to become addicted!
What tan do you use?!
Any you could reccomend?!
Have a fabulous day today and if you ever miss summer just crack out the tan!


  1. Oh I'm really glad you posted this! I have dabbled in tanning but not very often - like you say nights out and stuff! Ive heard and seen about the St Moriz tan and never really knew whether to go for it! Think I might now, and then demand to go out for cocktails afterwards to show it off if I dont look like an oompa lumpa....


    1. Ah i'm sure you'll be fine!! i've got both mousses and the lotion and i alternate between them but i think i prefer the mousse! for a few pounds it's amazing! it does go patchy like on my neck and stuff but facewipes gets those last few patches off the best i've found!
      Use a mit aswell! people say gloves but mit all the way!!! <3 let me know how it goes, we can be tanorexics together! xo

  2. i really want to try st moriz tan, you've convinced me it looks okay! think my mum will hate me for the mess though, also love that butter, mmm it smells so good, i absolutely love it, so chocolatey, now following your blog my love as well, love all the glitter! xxx

    1. i love it!! the guide colour is quite muddy looking almost but once that washes off you're just left with a lovely colour!! everyone at work was asking if i'd been on holiday!!! <3
      Thank you for following, will check yours out now sweet <3 xo

  3. Haha i wish i could look as sober after a few jager bombs. Have you tried the cocoa butter tinted mosturiser. I highly recommend it. Also orange feet are new haha ive got orange hands constantly even if i use a mitt


    1. i do have that yeah :O it turned me yellow!!! hahahah! no joke i was a brown kind of yellow :( MOWWWW </3