Saturday, 22 September 2012

"and a cloud of dust crosses the finishing line..."

Hiiiii beauty queens! Saturday is here & I hope you're all loving the freezing cold sunshine because I so am, mitten weather!!

Today was the Cancer Research race for life in my town! I only run to the fridge or if i see a sale so it wasn't i who was taking part but my super fast sister! 
She recently joined a running club and realised she's a super pro runner so her life has turned into that similar to road runner (without the coyote chasing her which is actually quite key in road runners life so really i just mean hey, she runs a lot!)

She entered in memory of my late great Granddad Johnny who died of Lung cancer bless him and my brave inspiring Nanny Trisha who beat the slim odds and survived colon cancer! 

This morning I woke up feeling like I was on deaths door myself, my toothache made me want to cry and my stomach was being all sad and then my time of the month came a calling so I turned into a hedgehog (I wish literally they're so cute) and became a ball of self pity, I told my mum I wasn't going to go to the race for life (which I could hear super loud in my bedroom playing powerful girl ballads) and I carried on meowing into my pillow cause I do that. 

It started at 11 so I thought, they won't leave till like 10.40 right? Wrong. They left at like 10 which I felt okay enough to go by that time so I heard the door slam and I realised they'd left me *whimper* so I sat there thinking "Do I? Don't I?" then i decided "I do!!" and jumped out of bed, changed clothes and just stuck my sunnies on to hide the lack of face I was rocking. I was only 5 minutes behind them but I could not catch them up for anything could i?! I was running!! I ran the whole way there! My throat was closing up cause I was all hungry and dying and stuff I was like WHY MUST I RUN?! But I am so glad I went! My other sister came too so we had fun!

My sister was doing the 10k and her running club gave her a target of 43 minutes or something? Well she did it in 42!!! Hells yeah, that shit is craaaay! She over took most of the 5k runners and was the first 10k runner to cross the finish line and although Race for Life isn't all about winners, she bloody won, okay!!

I am so super proud of her, imagine doing that? I've never won anything like that, maybe like a food eating competition but thats not something to be proud of!! 

So my sister had a target of £100 and she made £135! So well done, that's a big amount to be helped for people with cancer (Eff you cancer seriously) and if anyone feels they would like to sponsor her please do! Click here! It would mean so much as who hasn't been affected by cancer? That's what is so great about race for life really because other stuff it's so easy to bury your head in the sand as you can't relate to it! Like the dancing bears or those sweet donkeys! It's like they're terribly sad, but it's easy to ignore, cancer you can't as it's everywhere the daemon that it is!

I don't mean to lower the tone so apologies! But a big yay to my sister who is definitely barking mad for being able to run so fast but amazing none the less!!

Did you do race for life this year? 
Or anything similar? Let me know :)



  1. Aww, congrats to your sister. That's awesome :) You have a really cute blog here, and I enjoyed reading your post. Looking forward to reading more from you! :)

    1. Aw wow thank you thats really sweet!!! <3