Friday, 21 September 2012

Have a rave not a rant!

Hi there, so from the photo you can see, I've complained. I complained hard and Nandos gave me free food. Yes I suppose they did try to kill* me loading the food i was eating full of what I was allergic to after I asked for it twice without but complaining does have it's plus points. 

After working in a store I became very good at standing my ground and what the person behind the till needs to hear until they give in. How disgusting is that to say? But I learnt to be manipulative almost. I also learnt that an email does a hell of a lot of good in your favour. I've actually complained to nandos a few times, they seem to always chuck Dairy into my food and make me send it back which means by the time it comes back, i'm eating alone (does anyone else despise eating alone?) and I've always got a good response, but one time the manager remembered me, came and asked how I was, personally called me to check I got my "chicken cheque" and literally went above and beyond. So I thought "hey if she was rude, I would complain but she is being lovely, so why not tell her managers that" so I did and I got a sweet reply at how she was being rewarded some way or another! 

So I didn't get any free chicken to feast on but I did feel good that she was a really good manager and who doesn't feel under appreciated in their jobs? So with any hope she got shown the email and went home that day thinking not all customers were meanies!!

This has become something I do a lot, just last week I was shopping in lush (YUM) and I was casually speaking to my sister about the Big shampoo, she overheard and literally ran to grab it and show me, it did not feel pushy at all, when I was all polite like "ooh yes thank you" i turned to my sister and mentioned how expensive it was and before I knew it she was decanting into little pots for me and my sister and threw in a chunk of the conditioner for free! It was so nice that she could have just carried in with what she was doing I mean she had customers about but she went all out when she didn't have to and it means a lot to me cause I always do that to my customers at work and it's nice for someone to do that for me, so with my new "rave not rant" hat on I wrote a email bigging up Naomii (checked my recipet!) and how she was such a doll, she told me by the way the founder of lush speciallises in haircare, like he trained to be some fancy pants haircare expert (she said a name, i didn't remember the name) this sold me, i'm so trying more of their shampoos, I'm yet to use Big but when I do expect fireworks, i've heard it was amazing.

a nandos "Mediterranean salad" which is supposed to contain tomatos, pepper, paprika dressing, celery and some other bits and bobs, however, i received a rabbits dream!

So what I've babbled on about is i'm all for complaining when it feels right. Never complain just for free stuff and never try to single out staff who you've felt have been rude, talk to people who you were with if they actually were being as rude as you felt. You never know what someone is going through that day, someone thought my colleague at work was being rude but in reality her sick grandad had been ill for months and she had been his carer almost and he had just died the day before. But also, of course complain if you really feel somethings not right (like some woman arguing with me that i definitely asked for extra cheese, i'm allergic, why would i!)

But with every rant you write to a company, write a rave! Maybe not about that shop assistant that gave you a big bag just because you wanted one, they're just doing their job but about that shop assistant that came up to you cause she saw you looked lost or found it no problem to stand and talk to you and hear everything you had to say, they're things they don't have to do they just did! 

If anyone makes you walk away saying "oh she was really sweet" then always write a letter to the company or right then ask to see their manager, coming from someone in retail, it means so much to have someone turn around and sincerely say "Thank you!" 

I hope you're all well and have no need to write complains!
Have you ever had to complain? Let me know, i have many more stories!

*I joke, i wouldn't have died, just got food poisoning type illness for a few hours!

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