Tuesday, 4 September 2012

I wanna get out!!

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"Don't wanna grow up, I wanna get out, take me away!"

Hi there! I promise I'll get back to reviewing pretty little beauty things soon but for now I've got to be honest. I am just so bored!
I love make up but right now even that makes me so frustrated! 
Without trying to put a pooper on your day I feel like my life is going in no direction!
I expected so much more when I turned 21, I didn't want to still be living at home nor did I expect only to be in a part time job!

When I got my job as a Beauty Consultant last year I was over the moon, it seemed like exactly what I wanted and yes at the time it was, but I've been with the same company for it seems forever now, I do love it there but it just makes me wonder, will I end up doing what I'm supposed to be doing here?

Right now I feel tied down by too much stuff to just say "sod it" and drop it all and just go somewhere. I'm 21, should I feel like this???
My boyfriend is starting his first year of Uni and I'm terrified he will leave me behind. Will he still have time for me?
I'm so hoping his Uni course takes him somewhere so I can just quit everything and leave with him.
I would love to move somewhere crazy and just leave.

I'm almost certain I'm repeating the same things here and sounding like a Moaning Murtle but I guess thats just what this bored funk is doing to me.

I need something super interesting to happen and that will only happen if I make it happen.

I need fun and oppotunity. I need change thats for sure.

I don't do boring, I really don't do that well.

Help me, tell me I'm not alone?
Sorry for being a poo!!!

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