Thursday, 27 September 2012

No7 Perfect Match made foundation thingy ma jig!

Hellooo there!! I've been meaning to write about this forever! I learnt about this magic machine back in April but could not say anything so I'm so excited to tell everyone who maybe does not know!
No7 is a brand from Boots stores, it's their top selling cosmetics and has won so many prizes, you may have heard of their protect & perfect serum (which is amazing) which sold out minutes after it's launch!

This clever machine claims to match your natural skin tone to one of the No7 Foundation colours, and oh boy does it!
So this is the machine in question! I was told it's a device... not a machine. Righto, it's still a machine though, device sounds like a probe!!
It's so simple to use, once calibrated you take off a small area of foundation (if you're wearing any) and simply place the camera part over your skin, take a picture and repeat with the other side, then it will give you an average colour!
You know it's a good match as they use a traffic light system, Green will appear if its perfect, yellow if it's a good match and red to basically say No! Try again! Ha!

So my sister was dying to get measured so whilst out shopping we popped into Boots and just asked for the service, she was sat down, & actually I wasn't too happy with the Consultants manner and knowledge of the products but boots are usually really good so don't take that as be all end all! 
She was matched up and given the right shade and sent away happy with her correct shade because I had a £5 No7 off voucher, woo!
The consultant measured her but as she went to find the colour I made her take a photo haha! 
could not resist a pose, what are we like?!

Anyway, I myself got measured when I was went to a whole day about it and I even got given a full size bottle to take away with me of my perfect colour!

 So I got given the stay perfect range, which isn't actually my favourite, I would have picked either the Beautifully Matte or the Lift and Luminate which is meant for over 40's but is just such a gorgeous coverage! This however is supposed to last the day, which to me it doesn't but maybe it does last longer than others, I'm not too sure as mine never tend to last!
I got matched to Cool Vanilla, personally I would have preferred Warm Vanilla as this is the second palest and I do like something a bit warmer. I was given the option of taking home the one I preferred, but for reviewing the machine purposes, I wanted to go with the one it recommended!
The things I do for you people ;)

Hey ho, photo of the bottle.

it's soooo paleee *cries*

Naughty me, testing it on my hand, don't shout at me, we all do it! I mainly do it for constancy and to pre-test it almost! This is quite a runny liquid but as you rub it in it does go creamier, I would so suggest putting this on with fingers as it's just too runny for a sponge or brush!

So here i am putting it on my face lalala it's going to be pale theres no way this will ma-

Oh holey moley the thing bloody works, how does that match my skin!?!? Well I'll be dammed!

Yes, apparently I am the second from palest after all. It takes a bit of getting used to wearing your natural shade cause thats what this is all about. Natural! After a few uses I agree that this suits me, however, I would still prefer the warmer one. Why? Just because :(

If you're interested in this service, it's free!!!!!
Go into Boots and just ask "Hi i've heard about this foundation match, Is someone able to measure my skin please?" and before you know it you'll be sitting in that chair being amazed at how you lived without it.
If you're worried that they'll give you a natural colour that you think is a bit pale, i'm sure they'll be fine finding a warmer shade for you. I've done that myself no worries, they understand that you want something to give you a bit more colour. Don't be afraid to ask!!

So there is that wonderful thing, want to know something even more cool? No7 has it exclusive for a whole year, so maybe next year other counters will have it but for now, if you wanna experience it, Boots is the only place which to me, is pretty fancy!

Let me know if you've been matched! What did you think?!

this was not sponsored at all, I work for No7 but I am always completely honest just as i am with my customers! I would never say something was amazing when it's not and I did not get paid for writing this, although who thinks I should!!? haha xo


  1. Wah, I don't live in the UK :c I WANT TO TRY THIS

    1. ohh nooo, everywhere will probably do it soon! I thought No7 was in target :O?