Tuesday, 4 October 2011


So this is what I got today in the post, I got them all on great deals online so i'm super excited!!
I'll start with what I got my friend Liz for her 22nd birthday on 5th November, I know! so prepared!!
What I'm planning to do is just get lots of little things for her to play with and get her excited about make up, I couldnt think of one thing to ger her so it seems perfect! I want to put them all together in a sweet box. The great thing is that it will all be affordable and hopefully everything that she will use!!
So i'll begin!

These are false lashes which give such a lovely natural but dramatic look, i got these from work for a couple pounds but i got a few packets and i could not put them on, but she's quite good at putting on lashes, she does it all the time, so hopefully she'll like these!

This I got online (RRP £5.99!) and it looked more pink shimmer but when it arrived it's more cherry shimmer, still lovely though I really want it!!

I knew she used the purple false lash of this range so I originally got her that but she was round the other night and I saw it in her bag with a yellow lid, when asked about it she said the purple one was rubbish so she swapped the brush with her old collosal one, i was like eeek! so I went back and exchanged it! luckily it's in packaging! this cost like £5 with my store discount!
Next is this! I'm so excited about them!

Benefit Shimmer Shakers! At work I saw these and thought they were just regular shimmer pots with an expensive name, thus expensive price tag, but I got these for a reduced price rather than the £27 before and oh gosh I love them!
Here are the colours;

They're so lovely, I swatched some on my hands (just a tiny bit as it's a gift) and even a tiny bit did loads! they're so pigmented and the glitter is noticable but without being overbearing!

I adore them!!!

This cost me like £10 back at christmas time, I smelt it once at work and liked it so when I saw this going for cheap I bought it for myself, but i just never used it! So luckily it was still in the box so she can get much more use from it than me!

So thats what I've got her for her birthday, last year I got her a digital camera so this year is nothing compaired!

Next on with Christmas presents! I know! So prepared ;D!!

I also got these for a great deal online,

They cost me like £8.50 each for 100ml ! AMAZING. I originally wanted to get Liz this (fairy dust) 50ml which was going for £10 and Jaz Britney Spears Curious 50ml for £10 thus spending £20 all together, but 2 days with them in my basket waiting for payday, i returned to the site and the prices had changed, curious was up to like £15 and the 50ml fairy dust was £10! So i'd be spending much more than I wanted so I thought "hmm i'll just buy two fairy dusts for £20 together" then when I clicked on the fairy dust it said "more like this" and the 100ml was £8.50... cheaper than the 50ml! So I ordered two :)
I love the packaging, unfortunatly I cant take it out of the box as it's a gift but it's a pretty simplistic classic bottle :)
The perfume on the right is the packaging without the sleeve :)

I Love buying gifts and I hope they both love their presents!!!!
What do you think?


I was in bed, when I heard a van, I thought, oh i better put a shirt on in case thats for me, the the door knocks, "EEEEE MY PACKAGES!!!"
I've been waiting for these for a week so I was very excited.

When I open the door in my backwards shirt, the postman hands me a sack. YES, a sack!!

So I look in and theres a few packages, not worthy of a sack, but I understand where the postman was coming from!
So I got a bit excited and ripped all of them open!

The first one I opened was a box with a few of Lizs birthday presents in then the next had a present each for Liz and Jaz for Christmas then I opened the one for meeeee!! It had my perfumes from America that I swapped with someone!

This is a 50ml Wrapped With Love by Hilary Duff and the girl had never even used it! I know this because I had to spray it lots for any to come out!! I love it! I smelt it back when I went to Ireland in the Airport and I really didn't like it, it smelt like melon or something so I was really disappointed, but when someone offered me this as half of a swap, i thought fuck it, why not!? And yes, I love it!! It's not as nice as the original With Love, but what will be, the original is lush, This is more a sexy daytime version with more floral notes than the spicy original! So excited about it!

And this is a 100ml Paris Hilton Heiress! This one has been used so it's actually more like 75ml but I knew about that when we were agreeing to swap so it's okay! I love love love this fragrance!! When I was 16 I started really loving perfumes and asking for them for every occasion, but I only ever recieved 30ml cause they're expensive, but I got a grant from college and first thing I did was go out and buy the 100ml of this! it cost me like £60 but I loved it!! It smells like bubble gum and it's such a sweet cute fragrance, this will be my 3rd bottle and I cannot wait to smell like this again!!!
So I swapped both of them for that 100ml Peace Love and Juicy Couture I hated!!! and because it didnt have the lid (which is a big deal as the lid like, makes the bottle) I swapped the body lotion too! That fragrance smelt like tree sap so It's a pretty great swap!!!

I wish I could put up pictures of what I got my friends and I will, just once it's been 5th November!!!!

Now look! i have one of each size!!

Friday, 23 September 2011

Hello Beauty Consultant!

I went to a second job interview at the chain of stores where I work today. It was got a better position than i already work... much better. It would be for a beauty consultant role, this means fragrance, cosmetics, electrical, all of them. And i was so nervous, for years I have gone into Selfridges, debenhams and John Lewis just in love with the displays and the look of them always saying "thats what I want to be" and today... I AM ONE!!!! I got offered the job and I could be starting in two weeks, it's amazing, i'm so excited. This is my happy face
Oh I am so happy! It's going to be great, once I train to be a beauty consultant I would get a perfume allowance. Oh lord! They will give me a budget and all i have to do is buy fragrance within that budget. MY MY MY. Hello perfection!

Hello there!

Hey gorgeous people :) I'm claire, I look like this (when i'm being posey!)
I work in a store which sells makeup and fragrance so my collections are in abundance!
I would love to review and blog about anything that interests me, seeing as i spend so much money on these things I may as well write about it!!