Saturday, 19 May 2012

New Paris Hilton Fragrance

Image taken from Fragrantica

“Give me a chance to color my world and I will color it a sweet, pretty and playful pink! Dazzle is as brilliant and feminine as a coveted gem. This sensual fruity floral alluringly expresses a woman’s whimsical side, revealing her inner beauty, her special dazzle and her unique charm.” Paris Hilton.
What an exciting announcement! I've been waiting for a new fragrance from one of my queens for a while! I adore Paris Hilton in everything that she is. She is an amazing business woman, she's super beautiful and she just oozes girliness! So when I saw these a moment ago (literally, I'm still buzzing) I had to share. I don't know too much information about this just yet but it will be released June this year and is... a fruity floral! Yes yes I hear the crickets and tumbleweed blowing, Obvious right? No no no! Do we remember Tease? That was her last fragrance which was a white floral (Yawn)! It was basically Michael Korrs with some blonde hair on it. I didn't like it one bit (I say that... I have it sitting around. As I said. I love all things Paris) So I'm super pumped for Paris to bring it back to what she does best, fun sweet gorgeous scents in a lovely charming bottle! This is something I wouldn't have expected from her, maybe Katie Price ( I like Katie too, I'm not hating) but I like it none the less. This is why I love Paris. I've been her fan for YEARS yet the chick still surprises me!
It comes in what looks like a 30ml 50ml 125ml and a 150ml/200ml body lotion! That's just a guess but it sure looks like it. I'm glad she's not doing it in a shower gel as I've had a few and they all smelt terrible then when I watched reviews... theirs were horrid too!
So I could not be more excited for this release, I'm sure it won't let me down. I trust Paris! She's a smart girl.
Are you excited about this or do you dislike Paris but secretly love her fragrances??  Let me know!!!
Ta taaaaaa!

The Dazzle Collection

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Little lost gems!

I've been moaning at my mother for ages because she always does this thing where she will move something then deny she did or forget where she put it. So for the last 9 months since I switched over bags these little lovelies were in a secret vortex! However, they have now been returned to me over much screaming and shouting, all I care about is that they're home safetly!
Amongst the train tickets and old gum floating around my bag were;

  • Soap and Glory Hand Maid Hand Sanitiser!
  • Viva La Juicy Rollerball
  • Powder-time Lover Benefit trio including Coralista, Dallas & Dandelion
  • Body Shop Cherry Lip Butter
  • Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick in Pink Fizz
  • Lancome Juicy Tube 
  • Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Shade 9
  • Dior Rouge in shade 565
Seriously I'm so happy to have these back! I will do reviews on them soon! Can you tell I'm bubbling over with excitment! Tell me, Does your mother do this? Lose your stuff for ages!? Do you open old bags and realise theres like £100 worth of goodies in there? let me know!

Ta ta for now, I have lipstick to play with!

The Body Shop Chocomania body treats!

Images taken by me
Body Shops Chocomania body butter, body wash & body scrub.

Hi there! So this is my first proper review, how exciting! I thought I'd kick off on something I read no review about before I rushed to purchase! I usually do a quick google before buying toiletries but with this, I was an a dentist appointment, saw these in a magazine, read how they were for chocolate lovers and before I knew it I was parting with £25. I must add, I cannot eat chocolate due to intolerance, so maybe this is why I find my chocolate fix in my Boujouis Bronzer or in my shower products, for whatever reason I'm a sucker for chocolate smelling anything!
I bought these a few months back and I was ideally just going to buy the body butter as everyone says about how body shops butters are to die for but when I got in the shop the body butter was £12.50 and the scrub came in a duo with the wash for £12.50. Oh I simply had to! I've also heard how great their scrubs are at exfoliating and that's something I'm always in need of so I caved a bit more and walked away with the whole set. Oopsie!
Chocomania Body Butter 200ml £12.50

So this is the body butter I hurried into body shop for! Like their other butters it's in the same packaging however I was quite disappointed with the label. Their others have photos in the centre of what the scent is for example fresh yummy strawberries or a beautiful flower, they could have made this look so delicious by putting chocolate bars or something like that. The design does show chocolate but to me if I saw that my first thought wouldn't be YUM! However, I smelt it in the shop and yes, it does smell heavenly! I love that body shop always has testers so you can see if the scent is true on your skin to what it is in the pot. Since In my mind I had already bought this i quickly popped it in my basket. When I was still shopping in about town I did keep smelling this and was really excited to go home to try this out.
That night I had a quick bath and hurried out to drench my skin in this. It went on lovely, it does need to warm up on your skin before it will spread all smoothly first. I thought with it being so thick I wouldn't need a lot and I was just skimming the surface trying not to ruin it's pretty untouched look but that was getting me nowhere so I had to press down and try and get some product that way. When my boyfriend saw me he commented on how lovely I smelt so that's a plus, but as we were watching a film in bed, we kept getting awful tastes in our mouth. We were so confused! Then the next time I used it it happened again, when we clicked it was the body butter!! I expect it to not taste great if you accidentally eat it but just the tiniest bit lingered in your mouth for ages! Just by it being on skin and maybe eating something with your hands you would taste it. This is such a shame because I love this product! It's really good to use before tanning as its so moisturising and the smell is a dream! But the fact that it leaves a funny taste in my mouth hours after using it just stops me reaching for it! Is it just me or does anyone elses do this?
Since this is limited edition the first time I used it I thought "Do I quickly rush out tomorrow and buy a few more!" So I'm glad I didn't get ahead of myself!

Chocomania Shower Cream 250ml Set for £12.50

So I've just noticed this is called a shower cream rather than body wash / shower gel. Am I just being picky to think that it's not a "cream". If I was to think of something to be a cream i would expect it to be really moisturising and have something special about it where as this I would just describe at a wash. Out of everything I bought this is what I was least excited about trying, I just don't get on with body washes (sorry "cream!") I find most of it goes down the drain and the smell doesn't last as long on my skin and I'm just overall not excited to use them, ever! I prefer lush hard soaps really but that's a different review! I don't really have much to say about this as I've only used it a handful of times and the only thing I love about it is the smell and well, we've established I like that now... However.... it bloody did the mouth thing again didn't it! In the shower there's water splashing everywhere, bubbles going crazy and some how this always ends up in my mouth!! Haha, I know it shouldn't but even a tiny accidental splash will be like sucking a lemon, yuck! So this has been pushed to the back of my shower cupboard. I also think it's far too expensive for what it is. You can buy ones like this in boots for £1! How sad!

Chocomania Body Scrub 200ml set for £12.50

I saved the best till last! I'm not completely moany! Again this is an amazing product before tanning, there's nothing worse than getting an exfoliator that claims to be so great and it's more of a body wash with a few grains in. This however is not that! It's so grainy so it exfoliates skin really well! Also in the photo you might be able to see the water droplets sitting on top. It must have an oil in as it leaves this barrier after it washes off which leaves skin so smooth! I'm not a fan of baby oil or even lush butterball and first time i used this i did panic a bit but after I got over it I loved the smoothness it left me with! I always use this before I fake tan and to try and remove the tan when it's fading! I've used it a lot and there's still so much left, I do panic about running out though! Also... no funny taste! Yay Celebrationss! Oh this is a wonder product I swear! I love going into a store to get a certain product and it leading you to a totally different one! I would recommend this so much as not only does it exfoliate leaving your skin smooth, but its moisturising oil leaves it even smoother AND you'll smell like gorgeous chocolate when you're sitting there all snug and warm in your towel! Who doesn't want that.

If you don't mind the funny taste I would actually recommend any of these! Little annoyances like that really grind me so that's why I have issues with them. I'm sure the shower gel isn't so bad either, I just don't do shower gels! I do think if you're near a body shop go and smell these! I might try and get a few when they're on the way out! I have a constant fear of loving something I can never get hold of again!
Let me know, do you have this? Did it do the funny taste thing? I realise it said it's not a food but come on! haha. Would you pay the amount of money for these that I did?
Tell me! :)
Ta ta for now!

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Stay Strong ♥

image belongs to and is of Demi Lovato who inspired me to write this.

When I think about all the things I have in my life it makes me feel so special! 
I was going to write lucky, then I thought that none of it is luck, I worked hard for what I have.
For my job, i had to go and complete 3 years of college that I didn’t enjoy 60% of the time then work in a job that I would literally go home and cry a lot of the time because I was so miserable just so I was doing something with myself so I could improve.
For my wonderful boyfriend, I had to overcome horrible setbacks and rejections and try my hardest not to lose myself when all I wanted to do was become a shell, I just think it’s so perfect that we don’t have to work at our relationship, it just works itself.
For my family there were times I refused to love them because I was so hostile and upset at everything that was going on, sometimes it feels wrong to give my mother a hug which I’m still trying to work hard at to overcome.
And for my friends, some have come and gone, some we can pick up where we left off without being in eachothers pockets, but then theres the ones I refuse to lose and I need to overcome issues with, I can’t just ignore them, because I feel without them in my life I would just crumble. Friendships are so tough because everyone puts up with so much but when I think of all the stuff we’ve been though all the years, it really puts everything into perspective of why people have stuck around. It’s hard for everyone but it makes you all better people.

I really love my life. It’s not perfect or glamorous but I really love it. I see myself being happy for a long time no matter what happens unexpectedly. 
I didn’t write this to make anyone feel less about themselves because I really don’t think I have anything to even do that with, I just feel my life is for me, it’s how it should be, and I think we should all really sit back and think about why things happen and if it’s because of something you did but for the good, not for faults.
I’ve been told I’m strong and I somewhat believe it. I’m 21 and happy, my life isn’t searing in any straight direction but I think it’s getting there. Maybe I am lucky, but maybe I deserve what I worked for too :)! 

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Made In Chelsea Jealousy

image from my instagram : clairwaldorf

Hello there! I just got finished watching the newest episode of MIC on iplayer which means; it's going to be a good day (maybe not for Jamie!)
I, like most girls, wish I had their life! I wish my daddy owned a chocolate company and mumsie had a closet full of Chanel, however, my dad works in IT (i think) and my mum dislikes beauty and fashion. 
I'm jealous of their money, education, friendships, politeness, opportunity, fashion! Oh the fashion! I love how Binky can wear any old tat and look stunning, like she's probably made such an effort to make it all look so effortlessly! I love how even when they don't like each other, they are still civil, they bitch and bicker but still greet each other with a kiss, that is what girls need to do.
I see the apartments they live in and it's what I dreamed of my whole life. A white apartment block with a curly sweet baloney! I've always imagined living in one, little did I know I can, it will only cost the size of a large house where I live. 
The clothes, the hair, the class, they're so privileged, but they still fake tan and have fun. I would love to spend a day with them just to see what it's like to live in their world. 
I think I would fit in quite nicely actually... yes I would!
Off to daydream now!

Monday, 7 May 2012

Slightly about me...

Name : Claire
Age : 21
Location : England, Hertfordshire
Tumblr :
Twitter :
Skin Type : Normal / Dry
Natural Hair Colour : Medium Brown, Straight, bit fluffy!
Eye Colour : Blue
Foundation Shade : I'm usually fine with Ivory unless I've fake tanned!
Most expensive make up purchase : On one item it was probably my Dior lipstick (worn once, wasted!) All together was a cheeky trip to boots where I bought 3 benefit blushers and lots of other naughty things!
Why did you make a beauty blog? :  You know when you come home and want to show everyone what you just bought? I want you guys to be the people I'm excited to show it to!

I will add to this but for now that's all I can think of!
Ta ta!


Hello there! I know right now nobody reads this, but if you've just stumbled across thinking "oh wow, tumble weed" I'll reply "NOT FOR LONG!"
I thought I'd make a beauty blog last year then I realised my page was ugly and instead of improving, I gave up!
Now with my sudden burst of motivation I dusted and hoovered the cobwebs, mopped the floors and repaited and other than the silly blue line above my banner I'm somewhat pleased!
I have loads of ideas for blog posts, I just have to keep my motivation going because I really want to have some great stuff here that everyone can natter away about!
Any suggestions are welcome, just post them below, anyway I can improve, any tips I'm all for lovely words of encouragement!
Cheerio for now then, I'll post soon! I'm really excited about turning Who Are You Wearing into something great!

So tell me, Who are you wearing?