Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Stay Strong ♥

image belongs to and is of Demi Lovato who inspired me to write this.

When I think about all the things I have in my life it makes me feel so special! 
I was going to write lucky, then I thought that none of it is luck, I worked hard for what I have.
For my job, i had to go and complete 3 years of college that I didn’t enjoy 60% of the time then work in a job that I would literally go home and cry a lot of the time because I was so miserable just so I was doing something with myself so I could improve.
For my wonderful boyfriend, I had to overcome horrible setbacks and rejections and try my hardest not to lose myself when all I wanted to do was become a shell, I just think it’s so perfect that we don’t have to work at our relationship, it just works itself.
For my family there were times I refused to love them because I was so hostile and upset at everything that was going on, sometimes it feels wrong to give my mother a hug which I’m still trying to work hard at to overcome.
And for my friends, some have come and gone, some we can pick up where we left off without being in eachothers pockets, but then theres the ones I refuse to lose and I need to overcome issues with, I can’t just ignore them, because I feel without them in my life I would just crumble. Friendships are so tough because everyone puts up with so much but when I think of all the stuff we’ve been though all the years, it really puts everything into perspective of why people have stuck around. It’s hard for everyone but it makes you all better people.

I really love my life. It’s not perfect or glamorous but I really love it. I see myself being happy for a long time no matter what happens unexpectedly. 
I didn’t write this to make anyone feel less about themselves because I really don’t think I have anything to even do that with, I just feel my life is for me, it’s how it should be, and I think we should all really sit back and think about why things happen and if it’s because of something you did but for the good, not for faults.
I’ve been told I’m strong and I somewhat believe it. I’m 21 and happy, my life isn’t searing in any straight direction but I think it’s getting there. Maybe I am lucky, but maybe I deserve what I worked for too :)!