Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Made In Chelsea Jealousy

image from my instagram : clairwaldorf

Hello there! I just got finished watching the newest episode of MIC on iplayer which means; it's going to be a good day (maybe not for Jamie!)
I, like most girls, wish I had their life! I wish my daddy owned a chocolate company and mumsie had a closet full of Chanel, however, my dad works in IT (i think) and my mum dislikes beauty and fashion. 
I'm jealous of their money, education, friendships, politeness, opportunity, fashion! Oh the fashion! I love how Binky can wear any old tat and look stunning, like she's probably made such an effort to make it all look so effortlessly! I love how even when they don't like each other, they are still civil, they bitch and bicker but still greet each other with a kiss, that is what girls need to do.
I see the apartments they live in and it's what I dreamed of my whole life. A white apartment block with a curly sweet baloney! I've always imagined living in one, little did I know I can, it will only cost the size of a large house where I live. 
The clothes, the hair, the class, they're so privileged, but they still fake tan and have fun. I would love to spend a day with them just to see what it's like to live in their world. 
I think I would fit in quite nicely actually... yes I would!
Off to daydream now!

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