Monday, 7 May 2012


Hello there! I know right now nobody reads this, but if you've just stumbled across thinking "oh wow, tumble weed" I'll reply "NOT FOR LONG!"
I thought I'd make a beauty blog last year then I realised my page was ugly and instead of improving, I gave up!
Now with my sudden burst of motivation I dusted and hoovered the cobwebs, mopped the floors and repaited and other than the silly blue line above my banner I'm somewhat pleased!
I have loads of ideas for blog posts, I just have to keep my motivation going because I really want to have some great stuff here that everyone can natter away about!
Any suggestions are welcome, just post them below, anyway I can improve, any tips I'm all for lovely words of encouragement!
Cheerio for now then, I'll post soon! I'm really excited about turning Who Are You Wearing into something great!

So tell me, Who are you wearing?

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