Saturday, 19 May 2012

New Paris Hilton Fragrance

Image taken from Fragrantica

“Give me a chance to color my world and I will color it a sweet, pretty and playful pink! Dazzle is as brilliant and feminine as a coveted gem. This sensual fruity floral alluringly expresses a woman’s whimsical side, revealing her inner beauty, her special dazzle and her unique charm.” Paris Hilton.
What an exciting announcement! I've been waiting for a new fragrance from one of my queens for a while! I adore Paris Hilton in everything that she is. She is an amazing business woman, she's super beautiful and she just oozes girliness! So when I saw these a moment ago (literally, I'm still buzzing) I had to share. I don't know too much information about this just yet but it will be released June this year and is... a fruity floral! Yes yes I hear the crickets and tumbleweed blowing, Obvious right? No no no! Do we remember Tease? That was her last fragrance which was a white floral (Yawn)! It was basically Michael Korrs with some blonde hair on it. I didn't like it one bit (I say that... I have it sitting around. As I said. I love all things Paris) So I'm super pumped for Paris to bring it back to what she does best, fun sweet gorgeous scents in a lovely charming bottle! This is something I wouldn't have expected from her, maybe Katie Price ( I like Katie too, I'm not hating) but I like it none the less. This is why I love Paris. I've been her fan for YEARS yet the chick still surprises me!
It comes in what looks like a 30ml 50ml 125ml and a 150ml/200ml body lotion! That's just a guess but it sure looks like it. I'm glad she's not doing it in a shower gel as I've had a few and they all smelt terrible then when I watched reviews... theirs were horrid too!
So I could not be more excited for this release, I'm sure it won't let me down. I trust Paris! She's a smart girl.
Are you excited about this or do you dislike Paris but secretly love her fragrances??  Let me know!!!
Ta taaaaaa!

The Dazzle Collection


  1. I've never tried her fragrances out, do they have them at kohls or macy's? I love floral fragrances :)

    1. Ooh I don't know! I'm in Britain you see so I wouldn't know! I'm sure theyre somewhere? Maybe even TJ Maxx? They wont have testers though but you can pick them up on so many discount websites for Dollars!! I would reccoment them a lot! Especially Hieress!

  2. Replies
    1. No me neither :O!I don't even know when it's out yet! But when I can I will get my hands on it one way or another!! xo