Monday, 27 August 2012

Cat sitting!

Image: Tumblr

Hello everyone! Not a beauty post today but just a life post! Sorry if these bore you! 
Recently my boyfriends grandparents adopted a cat from the blue cross! They went with the intention of getting a dog but his Grandad and I both had our cat hats on so did our very best to get everyone into the little kitty building and far far away from the dogs. 
Now that might sound mean but I just am not a dog person. Dogs always know how I feel as theyre aparently so amazing at reading human emotions so why do they not smell my catloving from a mile off! I would one day like a small toy dog but big dogs are just not in my future (sorry boyfie!). If i had a lovely big farm house I would get a farm dog but in reality, my future will be a two bedroom terrace house. Not much dog room.
Anyway! So as we went into the cat kennels my boyfriend and I were instantly drawn to this lovely fluffy monster called Pickle. She was the "cat of the week" and when we asked why the lady (who had a total eye on my boyfriend) said that she had no interest in the whole 6 weeks she had been there. I was actually punched in the stomach. Pickle was the one!

Look at her! She is so perfect! she has the fluffiest tail ever!
So it didn't really take much convincing once we'd all had a cuddle of her but they were deciding between two cats and I was dredding they wouldn't pick Pickle! But luckily, Pickle got adopted!
My boyfriend and I decided we liked the name Pickles much better so all it took was for us to call her Pickles around his Grandparents a few times then voila! Name officially changed!

So a few days after she got adopted his Grandparents went away so we were asked to cat sit! This meant Pickles and I got some amazing bonding time! She had the best temprament of any cat I know including my own 2 kitties! 
She purrs at everything and is still young enough to be playful!
She's only 1 year old but as my boyfriend put it the other day "I'm glad she's still so young so we have lots of Pickles time together" Ain't he soppy?

This was a month or two ago but a few days ago they went on another holiday and I got another chance to cat sit dear Pickles!
What I love about cat sitting at boyfies grandparents is that I can almost pretend that we live together! They have a giant house so It's fun to just pick a bathroom I want to use (there are 3) or raid the freezers (there are 2) or just have space to cook in a huge kitchen and sit in front of the tv just us, oh and Pickles!
When my boyfriend went out to work I had the option to just stay there or if i wanted to go home. I decided to stay as all my stuff was there anyway but I had a lightbulb moment as my best friend lived a few streets away so I wandered over and had some cheeky 4pm drinks! 
as it was her parents anniversiry the night before we had yummy champagne!
I've been having a lovely few weeks! Adams Grandparents are going away again on saturday so I think I may be back to do some cheeky Pickles sitting!

I adore her so much she is such a pleasure to be around, even when she kept throwing up I offered to clean up! I don't even do that for my own cats but it could have been because Adam and his brother were screaming like girls at the sight of a little sick, Oh and because his brother went to fetch BLEACH to clean the carpets. Honestly what do boys grow up learning?

Sorry I really have babbled on an awful lot!

If you're interested in adopting a pet go have a look at the blue cross website HERE
I got my two cats from kittens and I can tell you I will never do that again. To think there are cats like Pickles out there just needing a home is so sad. So many people forget about adopting and they get forgotten. But this site is good as you can actually see what pets they have before travelling down so it's good to keep your eye out if you're looking for a new pet!

Please tell me stories about your pets! I am an absoloute cat lover and Pickle fiend!!!
What pets do you have? Have you ever adopted? Tell me :)!

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Golly Gosh OPI Spotted!!

WOW! Have we all seen this already? Am I just super duper late? This is the OPI Spotted topcoat, I hear it was a part of the Spider Man collection in France, the rest of the world got a shatter (snore)  and they got that? How is this fair, I don't know!

This is much better than the shatters in my opinion! I adored shatter when it came out, it seemed fun and I did do a few cool effects with it :

That being my favourite, then BAM, as quickly as it came, it went. I officially hated crackle on my nails. 
It's an odd look for me. Others still do it and that's so fine, but I just do not like that, so please if you're scrolling down with little crackled nails please do not pout! This is just my opinion for me!

But back to the subject at hand (har de har) the spotted top coat looks so fun, you could do all sorts, I think black would be lovely for a space design but other colours would just be so cute too! Pinks!!!!

I'm hoping this comes out in the UK soon and around the world as it would be nice to see lots of fun nail art using it! It's avalable on Ebay if you are willing to splash out £50 for it. No, I am not joking!!!

So what do you think of the new spotted topcoat? Or do you hate these pre made effects? I guess some hardcore nail art fiends may think its lazy? I think its amazing and sciencey!
How about you?
I'm excited to try it!! Whatever will they come out with next?


Saturday, 18 August 2012

Revlon Photo Ready Perfecting Primer

What is is: A Base/Primer
By: Revlon
Price: £11.99
What it's meant to do: Smooth out pores, blur wrinkles & keep make up on for longer
What it does: The opposite

So, here we have the new(ish) Primer by Revlon. It fits in with their whole Photo Ready range which goes through to mascaras, concealers and foundation.
I picked this up as I adore my No7 Airbrush away primer which I ran out of but as I was given that for free by Boots I was hesitant to pay £19.50 for another one! So this looked like it would be the closest call! The textures similar as are the claims, they're both supposed to give a smooth airbrushed finish under foundation one was just quite a bit cheaper but this is where I have to remember that quality and price are there for a reason most of the time.
The No7 Primer does everything I want it to do. It glides onto the skin easily, leaves it soft and smooth and at the end of the day my make up is much better than if I wasn't wearing it.
The Revlon Primer does this;
This photo was as clear as I could get it but let me tell you in person it's terrible! Noway does it refine pores! Look how huge they look! It makes the foundation cling to my sexy girl moustache! It makes me look like I have these huge holes on my top lip and it is disgusting okay!?
I've tried this with Maybelline foundations, Rimmel, No7 & L'oreal and they're all terrible! Even a tinted moisturiser makes me look like I've bashed my face into my make up bag and hoped for the best! It is without a doubt the product I regret buying the most!

When you first feel the primer it actually feels really lovely! Its like a runnier version of the L'Oreal Primer which I've heard is amazing! But when you rub it in you can see it clinging to wrinkles and making the skin seem scaly! I think I used too much on the hand swatches but its easily done with this! It's so runny!

I gave this primer a fair shot! It's great value for money, I think the packaging's okay too but the product inside was a disaster!
This is so going back tomorrow I don't want it betraying me anymore!
Have you tried this? Was it okay for you or is my skin just mad at Revlon?
Let me know!!

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Naughty purchase: Katy Perry Purr

Oh Dear!! Here is a funny story, this little kitty just JUMPED into my bag! Then my card literally fell into the chip & pin device and somehow entered my pin number without me even noticing....

OK I LIED. I had to have it! I've wanted this for about 2 years now, since I knew it was coming out and saw the little kitty bottle! As a crazy cat lady myself, it's always been on my wish list but as it's adorable has always been too pricey! So after saving a lot of money this month, paying bills and spending a huge amount on driving lessons (£200!!) I thought this little kitty could be my treat! It feels like I've bought nothing nice for myself this month so I really feel I deserve it (with a few pangs of "ooohhh should I have?!!)
So today I saw this bottle which is usually £24.50 was down to £16.60! I have never seen this on an offer before so I thought it nessisary to buy! Isn't that so cheap?

So the box is a little plain, some come with a sleeve of Katy looking oh so gorgeous in a sexy cat costume with a huge ball of yarn! I seriously love that woman, she is so funny! It has a sweet little cat face drawn on which is exactly how I draw my own cat faces which I adore so much that I am actually getting it tattooed onto my hip on wednesday!!!
The box is quite nice and plain really! Nice reflective silver card so it feels fancy!

This may not seem important to some, but I just love little extras. Once the outside packaging has done its job and looked pretty enough to buy and you've seen a cute bottle they really have to stop there, but some decide to just make it all a bit cuter like this one. You open it up and it's all a lovely deep royal purple to match the bottle and font colour with a lovely white Purr logo! It made me smile so I thought it was worth mention as it might make you smile!
Onto the gorgeous bottle!!! I love it. I gasped when i first heard the Idea Katy was throwing around then again when I saw the ads, then when I saw it in person! I am just in love with this bottle design! It's just so fun and playful how can you hate it!? 
The bottle I bought is a 30ml but is an amazing size for the amount there! I would not be ashamed to give this as a gift as it looks enough! Like my bottle of Amor Amor is diddy even though theyre both 30ml it just looks like theres nothing in there! The cats eyes are gorgeous and i love how it looks all grumpy and proud, just like my kitties!
This smells to me like vanilla florals! I wouldn't really say it's too sweet but there are some fruits in there I just cannot pick them out. My boyfriend said Raspberry but alas, none in there according to Fragrantica! Oh well!
I have waited for this for so long I am super glad I treated myself!
I am so excited to pop this in my bag and pull it out whenever I can but as it lasts on me for so long, that might be rare! BOO!
What do you think of Purr!?
Would you rather it be of a cute pup than a proud kitty?

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Perfume Clearout!!

Hiiii! I just made a new video on all of the perfumes I've decided to keep and why!
I might still do a detailed post on here in the coming days on why I'm keeping them VS the ones I waved goodbye to!

Please watch subscribe comment BLAHBLAHBLAH I would love you all
(pft I already do!)

Hope you're all well

Cher Lloyd EDT

Righteo, Okay, my first thought too was "Oh really?" but hear me out. I do like a bit of Cher Lloyd. I don't like X factor shows and ones like it but I liked her. From her first audition I was like "her, she's alright" So I then followed her through till the end. Once she went. I stopped watching. I think she's unique and it doesn't come across as false, she's young and seems like shes having a whale of a time. She can wear the weirdest clothes and it suits her, but then put on a cute knit cardigan and be someone else. Not many people can actually do that. Her voice can be annoying but again, her music is fun. Anything that gives me a fun beat whilst i'm doing some housework or walking to work gets a big tick from me.
But Miss Lloyd. This bottle is a disaster. I like the box, very Justin Bieber Somedayesque. But as someone who tries to prove herself to people a lot I feel the bottle is seriously lacking. Maybe if it was see through glass rather than pink plastic, therefore it's almost a bit tacky but also interesting at the same time. I realise I am not Chers demographic. As a 21 year old she's not even creating this for me but for about 13 - 17 year olds who look up to her so I shouldn't be too surprised its not to my taste. But Cher has a lot to prove people. 
There are no notes available as of yet but I do guess it will smell like Britney Spears Fantasy. Sugary sweet, cupcakes and all that jazz! But with this she is no doubt starting a chain reaction. I bet this will sell like hot cakes come christmas which will only lead her to creating more and with that as she matures so will her fragrances and everyone will look back and go "OH CHER WHAT WAS THAT BOTTLE" and she'll go "Oh i know I know!" Just remember, Cheryl Cole was once that corn rowed little hooligan and now she's our nations sweet heart! Anything can happen!

Moaning aside, I will take a smell of this when I see it and I actually think it's a good move for her.




This will be available from 24th August exclusivly at The Fragrance Shop!

Saturday, 11 August 2012



Perfume & make up is my thing. 
I've never been good at anything else nor been into anything as much. I'm a collector really, just not one who's collecting old models of steam trains or who has books of stamps. I collect perfume and beauty items and once I start I get pretty into it. Once I bought a Vera Wang Princess fragrance on a whim as it was half price, I had never been that much into the Princess collections before that, I thought the bottles were charming and they smelt nice enough but once I bought that one little heart shaped bottle I got carried away and within 2 months or something silly I had them all. All 50mls too... they have to all be the same size, duh. Then it became Celebrity fragrances, I, of course, had to get all of the Britney Spears perfumes as I already had quite a few and I do love Britney but this doesn't explain why I went and blind bought the ones I knew I would not like?! I did this with actually quite a few celebrites. All Paris Hiltons, Hilary duffs (One in each size) and lets not start with my pallette addiction and mac lipsticks. I have a £26 dior lipstick I bought for just a night out and I never even wear it nor actually like the colour! It's ridiculous.

 I feel that now I'm actually starting to care less. I've broken up collections, given some away just because It was just plain stupid having all my money tied up in fancy scented liquid. Now I still love perfumes but I NEVER run out of them which I would almost like as it would show thats its worth me having them and that they're being used, you know?

Well there are two new perfumes coming out by D&G and Boss and I would LOVE them. I mean real love. I would fight over which one I want to wear that day but I feel I can't buy them as I already have enough perfumes. I cannot justify having any more. Buying a perfume is a luxury, I've come to expect them and be comfortable having £2000 worth of perfume at my disposal. I want them to remain a luxury. I've realised life isn't about having a more than enough perfume to last me a decade. I would rather my money went somewhere much better like days out with my man or savings (!!). At the end of the day perfumes are lovely and they take up so much of my daily thoughts and i will always be excited about new releases and "what perfume do I wear today" but it really doesn't matter at all, not really matter! 
I have ones that mean the world to me but the rest I have to just say goodbye to. I would be lying if I said it's easy and that I haven't actually got emotional because I have. As I said perfumes are my thing and I've realised I cant carry on buying them willy nilly. But when I do get one maybe once a year it will mean more. Like the ones I know I cant throw away because I HAD waited so long for them (Taylor Swift Wonderstruck) or because they hold an important memory for me (Viva La Juicy) or maybe just ones that are now impossible to find (Original EDP Miss Dior Cherie). I'm totally rambaling. But I'm glad I've realised this now. I got very much carried away but I figured out what really matters and I'm sure fragrance isn't it.

Thank you so much for reading this dolls, I will do a fragrance collection soon and explain my loves for them as the ones I have left really do mean something.

Next up is finding the strength to throw away empty fragrance bottles from years ago. EEEK!
Do you get overly attatched to things like this?
Whats your thing?!
Let me know :)