Monday, 27 August 2012

Cat sitting!

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Hello everyone! Not a beauty post today but just a life post! Sorry if these bore you! 
Recently my boyfriends grandparents adopted a cat from the blue cross! They went with the intention of getting a dog but his Grandad and I both had our cat hats on so did our very best to get everyone into the little kitty building and far far away from the dogs. 
Now that might sound mean but I just am not a dog person. Dogs always know how I feel as theyre aparently so amazing at reading human emotions so why do they not smell my catloving from a mile off! I would one day like a small toy dog but big dogs are just not in my future (sorry boyfie!). If i had a lovely big farm house I would get a farm dog but in reality, my future will be a two bedroom terrace house. Not much dog room.
Anyway! So as we went into the cat kennels my boyfriend and I were instantly drawn to this lovely fluffy monster called Pickle. She was the "cat of the week" and when we asked why the lady (who had a total eye on my boyfriend) said that she had no interest in the whole 6 weeks she had been there. I was actually punched in the stomach. Pickle was the one!

Look at her! She is so perfect! she has the fluffiest tail ever!
So it didn't really take much convincing once we'd all had a cuddle of her but they were deciding between two cats and I was dredding they wouldn't pick Pickle! But luckily, Pickle got adopted!
My boyfriend and I decided we liked the name Pickles much better so all it took was for us to call her Pickles around his Grandparents a few times then voila! Name officially changed!

So a few days after she got adopted his Grandparents went away so we were asked to cat sit! This meant Pickles and I got some amazing bonding time! She had the best temprament of any cat I know including my own 2 kitties! 
She purrs at everything and is still young enough to be playful!
She's only 1 year old but as my boyfriend put it the other day "I'm glad she's still so young so we have lots of Pickles time together" Ain't he soppy?

This was a month or two ago but a few days ago they went on another holiday and I got another chance to cat sit dear Pickles!
What I love about cat sitting at boyfies grandparents is that I can almost pretend that we live together! They have a giant house so It's fun to just pick a bathroom I want to use (there are 3) or raid the freezers (there are 2) or just have space to cook in a huge kitchen and sit in front of the tv just us, oh and Pickles!
When my boyfriend went out to work I had the option to just stay there or if i wanted to go home. I decided to stay as all my stuff was there anyway but I had a lightbulb moment as my best friend lived a few streets away so I wandered over and had some cheeky 4pm drinks! 
as it was her parents anniversiry the night before we had yummy champagne!
I've been having a lovely few weeks! Adams Grandparents are going away again on saturday so I think I may be back to do some cheeky Pickles sitting!

I adore her so much she is such a pleasure to be around, even when she kept throwing up I offered to clean up! I don't even do that for my own cats but it could have been because Adam and his brother were screaming like girls at the sight of a little sick, Oh and because his brother went to fetch BLEACH to clean the carpets. Honestly what do boys grow up learning?

Sorry I really have babbled on an awful lot!

If you're interested in adopting a pet go have a look at the blue cross website HERE
I got my two cats from kittens and I can tell you I will never do that again. To think there are cats like Pickles out there just needing a home is so sad. So many people forget about adopting and they get forgotten. But this site is good as you can actually see what pets they have before travelling down so it's good to keep your eye out if you're looking for a new pet!

Please tell me stories about your pets! I am an absoloute cat lover and Pickle fiend!!!
What pets do you have? Have you ever adopted? Tell me :)!


  1. I need that sweater! I am a total cat person - and Pickle is adorable! ^..^

    1. Oh my gosh I know right? I so want it too!! If I get around to making myself one I'll so mail you one ahah!!
      Pickle is just the cutest! She wakes me and my boyfriend up in the night by literally LAYING on our faces ahha!!