Sunday, 12 August 2012

Cher Lloyd EDT

Righteo, Okay, my first thought too was "Oh really?" but hear me out. I do like a bit of Cher Lloyd. I don't like X factor shows and ones like it but I liked her. From her first audition I was like "her, she's alright" So I then followed her through till the end. Once she went. I stopped watching. I think she's unique and it doesn't come across as false, she's young and seems like shes having a whale of a time. She can wear the weirdest clothes and it suits her, but then put on a cute knit cardigan and be someone else. Not many people can actually do that. Her voice can be annoying but again, her music is fun. Anything that gives me a fun beat whilst i'm doing some housework or walking to work gets a big tick from me.
But Miss Lloyd. This bottle is a disaster. I like the box, very Justin Bieber Somedayesque. But as someone who tries to prove herself to people a lot I feel the bottle is seriously lacking. Maybe if it was see through glass rather than pink plastic, therefore it's almost a bit tacky but also interesting at the same time. I realise I am not Chers demographic. As a 21 year old she's not even creating this for me but for about 13 - 17 year olds who look up to her so I shouldn't be too surprised its not to my taste. But Cher has a lot to prove people. 
There are no notes available as of yet but I do guess it will smell like Britney Spears Fantasy. Sugary sweet, cupcakes and all that jazz! But with this she is no doubt starting a chain reaction. I bet this will sell like hot cakes come christmas which will only lead her to creating more and with that as she matures so will her fragrances and everyone will look back and go "OH CHER WHAT WAS THAT BOTTLE" and she'll go "Oh i know I know!" Just remember, Cheryl Cole was once that corn rowed little hooligan and now she's our nations sweet heart! Anything can happen!

Moaning aside, I will take a smell of this when I see it and I actually think it's a good move for her.




This will be available from 24th August exclusivly at The Fragrance Shop!


  1. ooo I don't particularly like 'celeb' perfumes.. but this one looks intriguing :)

    1. oooh i do love celeb perfumes! But I bet i will love this and will just have to have it!