Thursday, 16 August 2012

Naughty purchase: Katy Perry Purr

Oh Dear!! Here is a funny story, this little kitty just JUMPED into my bag! Then my card literally fell into the chip & pin device and somehow entered my pin number without me even noticing....

OK I LIED. I had to have it! I've wanted this for about 2 years now, since I knew it was coming out and saw the little kitty bottle! As a crazy cat lady myself, it's always been on my wish list but as it's adorable has always been too pricey! So after saving a lot of money this month, paying bills and spending a huge amount on driving lessons (£200!!) I thought this little kitty could be my treat! It feels like I've bought nothing nice for myself this month so I really feel I deserve it (with a few pangs of "ooohhh should I have?!!)
So today I saw this bottle which is usually £24.50 was down to £16.60! I have never seen this on an offer before so I thought it nessisary to buy! Isn't that so cheap?

So the box is a little plain, some come with a sleeve of Katy looking oh so gorgeous in a sexy cat costume with a huge ball of yarn! I seriously love that woman, she is so funny! It has a sweet little cat face drawn on which is exactly how I draw my own cat faces which I adore so much that I am actually getting it tattooed onto my hip on wednesday!!!
The box is quite nice and plain really! Nice reflective silver card so it feels fancy!

This may not seem important to some, but I just love little extras. Once the outside packaging has done its job and looked pretty enough to buy and you've seen a cute bottle they really have to stop there, but some decide to just make it all a bit cuter like this one. You open it up and it's all a lovely deep royal purple to match the bottle and font colour with a lovely white Purr logo! It made me smile so I thought it was worth mention as it might make you smile!
Onto the gorgeous bottle!!! I love it. I gasped when i first heard the Idea Katy was throwing around then again when I saw the ads, then when I saw it in person! I am just in love with this bottle design! It's just so fun and playful how can you hate it!? 
The bottle I bought is a 30ml but is an amazing size for the amount there! I would not be ashamed to give this as a gift as it looks enough! Like my bottle of Amor Amor is diddy even though theyre both 30ml it just looks like theres nothing in there! The cats eyes are gorgeous and i love how it looks all grumpy and proud, just like my kitties!
This smells to me like vanilla florals! I wouldn't really say it's too sweet but there are some fruits in there I just cannot pick them out. My boyfriend said Raspberry but alas, none in there according to Fragrantica! Oh well!
I have waited for this for so long I am super glad I treated myself!
I am so excited to pop this in my bag and pull it out whenever I can but as it lasts on me for so long, that might be rare! BOO!
What do you think of Purr!?
Would you rather it be of a cute pup than a proud kitty?

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