Saturday, 18 August 2012

Revlon Photo Ready Perfecting Primer

What is is: A Base/Primer
By: Revlon
Price: £11.99
What it's meant to do: Smooth out pores, blur wrinkles & keep make up on for longer
What it does: The opposite

So, here we have the new(ish) Primer by Revlon. It fits in with their whole Photo Ready range which goes through to mascaras, concealers and foundation.
I picked this up as I adore my No7 Airbrush away primer which I ran out of but as I was given that for free by Boots I was hesitant to pay £19.50 for another one! So this looked like it would be the closest call! The textures similar as are the claims, they're both supposed to give a smooth airbrushed finish under foundation one was just quite a bit cheaper but this is where I have to remember that quality and price are there for a reason most of the time.
The No7 Primer does everything I want it to do. It glides onto the skin easily, leaves it soft and smooth and at the end of the day my make up is much better than if I wasn't wearing it.
The Revlon Primer does this;
This photo was as clear as I could get it but let me tell you in person it's terrible! Noway does it refine pores! Look how huge they look! It makes the foundation cling to my sexy girl moustache! It makes me look like I have these huge holes on my top lip and it is disgusting okay!?
I've tried this with Maybelline foundations, Rimmel, No7 & L'oreal and they're all terrible! Even a tinted moisturiser makes me look like I've bashed my face into my make up bag and hoped for the best! It is without a doubt the product I regret buying the most!

When you first feel the primer it actually feels really lovely! Its like a runnier version of the L'Oreal Primer which I've heard is amazing! But when you rub it in you can see it clinging to wrinkles and making the skin seem scaly! I think I used too much on the hand swatches but its easily done with this! It's so runny!

I gave this primer a fair shot! It's great value for money, I think the packaging's okay too but the product inside was a disaster!
This is so going back tomorrow I don't want it betraying me anymore!
Have you tried this? Was it okay for you or is my skin just mad at Revlon?
Let me know!!

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