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Perfume & make up is my thing. 
I've never been good at anything else nor been into anything as much. I'm a collector really, just not one who's collecting old models of steam trains or who has books of stamps. I collect perfume and beauty items and once I start I get pretty into it. Once I bought a Vera Wang Princess fragrance on a whim as it was half price, I had never been that much into the Princess collections before that, I thought the bottles were charming and they smelt nice enough but once I bought that one little heart shaped bottle I got carried away and within 2 months or something silly I had them all. All 50mls too... they have to all be the same size, duh. Then it became Celebrity fragrances, I, of course, had to get all of the Britney Spears perfumes as I already had quite a few and I do love Britney but this doesn't explain why I went and blind bought the ones I knew I would not like?! I did this with actually quite a few celebrites. All Paris Hiltons, Hilary duffs (One in each size) and lets not start with my pallette addiction and mac lipsticks. I have a £26 dior lipstick I bought for just a night out and I never even wear it nor actually like the colour! It's ridiculous.

 I feel that now I'm actually starting to care less. I've broken up collections, given some away just because It was just plain stupid having all my money tied up in fancy scented liquid. Now I still love perfumes but I NEVER run out of them which I would almost like as it would show thats its worth me having them and that they're being used, you know?

Well there are two new perfumes coming out by D&G and Boss and I would LOVE them. I mean real love. I would fight over which one I want to wear that day but I feel I can't buy them as I already have enough perfumes. I cannot justify having any more. Buying a perfume is a luxury, I've come to expect them and be comfortable having £2000 worth of perfume at my disposal. I want them to remain a luxury. I've realised life isn't about having a more than enough perfume to last me a decade. I would rather my money went somewhere much better like days out with my man or savings (!!). At the end of the day perfumes are lovely and they take up so much of my daily thoughts and i will always be excited about new releases and "what perfume do I wear today" but it really doesn't matter at all, not really matter! 
I have ones that mean the world to me but the rest I have to just say goodbye to. I would be lying if I said it's easy and that I haven't actually got emotional because I have. As I said perfumes are my thing and I've realised I cant carry on buying them willy nilly. But when I do get one maybe once a year it will mean more. Like the ones I know I cant throw away because I HAD waited so long for them (Taylor Swift Wonderstruck) or because they hold an important memory for me (Viva La Juicy) or maybe just ones that are now impossible to find (Original EDP Miss Dior Cherie). I'm totally rambaling. But I'm glad I've realised this now. I got very much carried away but I figured out what really matters and I'm sure fragrance isn't it.

Thank you so much for reading this dolls, I will do a fragrance collection soon and explain my loves for them as the ones I have left really do mean something.

Next up is finding the strength to throw away empty fragrance bottles from years ago. EEEK!
Do you get overly attatched to things like this?
Whats your thing?!
Let me know :)

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