Thursday, 12 July 2012

Crafty Creative Claire

Image taken by me

Hi there. So as the title implies, I've been getting quite crafty! Some may say cheap but others will back me up thinking it's quite the smart move!
So I've been after a studded phone case for a while but as my funds are usually drained I could never seem to part with £15 for ones I saw on ebay. A few months went by and I pondered more and more until I thought 
"right, well I could definitely just make that for a few quid"
So make that I did!
I ordered a blank white phone case and some studs and glue and I waited. I waited and waited and almost exploded when both landed on my doorstep a month later! It took so long cause I convinced myself i was willing to wait for the long delivery date as i was getting it for china prices. It always sucks me in!
So I took all my crafts around to my boyfriends house and got down and dirty whilst him and his brother bored me with their fifa game. Le sigh!

Sadly, it didn't last long as it was so quick and easy to make!! I had a load of fun actually doing it and getting my fingers super glued together (got to be done really) and getting excited seeing it all come together.
When I put it on my phone I found myself constantly looking at it. I willed people to text me so I would have reason to hold my phone up and have another cheeky look at it. Like when you've just done your nails and you touch everything really elegantly - oh how embarrassing!

So this phone case cost me less than £3 to make, I had fun whilst doing it and I'm bloody proud! 
Now I think i've caught the bug of what else can I do myself! I feel like a designer now, I can do anything Hurrah!
Or maybe I'll just stick to gluing pretty things onto plain things till I get a bit more inspired, maybe thats for the best!

I'm terribly sorry this sounds all muddled. I should have been fast a bobo's a while ago. 
So i've got some more things planned to decorate soon so no doubt i'll update on that - if it looks good that is!

I hope you're all well!


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  1. This is a good idea and looks really lovely :) I have been considering doing more crafty things and really like the idea of using studs

    Tanesha x