Thursday, 28 February 2013

Vera Wang Pink Princess Perfume NEW!

Vera Wang only just released the new Love Struck over here just the other week it seems but it's not quite enough for us perfume lovers to have just one release is it?

We will be, in the coming months, treated to another addition to the ever so popular and girlie Princess range with the new arrival of Pink Princess!

I don't have a photo nor can I find one online, but I so hope this is a cross between Preppy Princess and Glam Princess, personally the name has got me all excited as I love anything pink and girlie!

This should be out in a few weeks, possibly April I think!?

Are you guys excited? If you find any info please let me know!!!

with love

Friday, 15 February 2013

My current little loves

Hi beauties!

This is an odd post! It's nit a piece on what beauty products I love or anything like that, it's a little mixture!!

So away we go:

My cat Jasmine is so adorable, she's paticular about when and where she's soppy and it fools a lot of people into thinking she's a meanie but really shes a big softie, she just doesn't like to be bothered a lot of the time. We are cut from the same mold and I think thats why we get on so well

Health Kick! I'm trying to lose some weight for summer, I want to be able to wear anything without worrying about my flabby arms and such. So I've been using My Fitness Pal (such a good app) and been basically eating grilled chicken and a hell load of veg every night, it's delicious!!

Unfortunatly, I've now had to cut these out, but woah, they're amazing!
I prefer the Orange but I could just polish off can after can of them, these are very yummy but so sickly sour I can steady myself more!
It's a shame they can only be bought in 6 packs because I just want to buy one as a cheeky treat but if I buy 6.... i will drink 6 *blush*

Wiiiiine! Woah when did I become a wino?
I'm a cocktail girl myself, my girls love their wine and I could always take it or leave it, but recently, I've just been wanting a nice glass of wine! Is it because Summers so so near or have I turned into a grown up?

Watching my cat instead of TV.
This is my other little lady, she's called Molly and shes as mad as a box of frogs. She's a bit pshyco and a bit troubled but also very sweet and teeeeny tiny. She's so clumsy bless her that it's more fun to watch her prowl sometimes than watch TV cause she's bound to fall or something then give you an embarrassed look! hahah!

Yummy! Pigs ears!!!
I saw these in tesco and got so incredibly grossed out I had to take a photo!
Pigs ears? Hey, I'm all for using every part of the animal you staughter you know, but this was just something else!
Poor little pups.

New mascara day, this is always a good time, I love ripping open new packaging and it being all fresh and new, can't describe the love.

Models Own Polishes!!! I love the headkandi range, my favorites are the bright orange here and the bright red on my nails there so I thought the blue would be great... wrong. If you want me to go in to it let me know, but honestly, it was a disappointment. However, the other 2 colours are to dieeee for!

I rediscovered my Mac Viva Glam Gaga lipstick!
It was date night and I had really heavy eye makeup on and I thought my usual lipstick wouldn't go so I trolled through my lipstick bag and found this and thought "Ooh would it go though"
and wow. It was JUST the colour I needed.
Oh you.

Oh letters, you're so drunk. Go home letters. Go home.

A photo taken after our valentines dinner, we were stuffed, fat and dying. Aw cute.

Yay! I love loving things.

Hope you all have a great weekend!! 

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

What is up with Essie nail colours??

Essie, a great nail brand, I adore the unusual colours, the sassy names and how theyre the only polish that lasts more than one day without a chip on my flaky as hell nails! Out of all my polishes one of my most loved colours is of course, Fiji, I love the milky pink hue and the creamy consistency
I don't own any other colours as I find theyre a tad on the pricey side! 
I have a salon services card so I get my hands on OPI nail colours for about £6, Essie colours are £7.99 so i'm afraid OPI wins with me. 
But at work, my desk is right infront of the Essie stand so I do catch myself looking at them quite a bit and one thing I thought is the title; "What is up with the Essie colours?"

Now I've noticed this a lot, when we first got the stand in, Fiji was clearly a pink nail colour. If you asked anybody what colour it was, they would say pink. Then we started getting in the Fiji as I know it now, a milky white that is just ever so slightly pink. To me thats what makes it so amazing,  how it's barely pink. But for a while it was super confusing as if you held them next to eachother, they looked like complete different polishes!

Another example:
Both are number 17 polishes Muchi, Muchi, the left is a pale pink almost peachy colour polish, the one on the right (which I believe to be the true colour) is a thin pink colour. 
They're close, but do we all agree they're not the same? 
To most people they might not notice a difference (or care),  but as we all love our polishes and rebuy them constantly I feel we would.
Say for instance you loved the one on the right and it was your staple polish and you went to rebuy and they only had the peach hue, would you notice? I feel we would, it wouldn't be earth shattering but it would be an annoyance and one of those "why do they have to always change it" moments.

I've noticed this with some other colours over the past months but these are the only ones I could currently find to take some photos of!

I don't think they're old batches which are slightly sun altered as now we keep getting in the peach toned Muchi, Muchi, and the Milky Fiji, it wouldn't make sense for them to be more pink to start with, I don't even know, it's confusing!

Do you know what's going on with Essie? Is this something you have noticed?
Please do let me know below, I'm amazed by the magic of the changing Essie polishes!!

I hope everyone has a fab week!!

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Marc Jacobs Sunshine Edition

So for most of us it's a typical Febuary, which means you've maybe just found somewhere to store those hideous Christmas gifts ready to re-gift next year, days are getting slightly longer and Spring is getting so close! But to the marketing masterminds its not February at all, to them it's already summer and they're all churning out their summer editions, hey, they're probably working on next years editions already!!. 

I'm never usually a fan of summer editions, I swear adding ginger to an already perfect fragrance just ruins it (more on this soon) ! However, these little beauties have converted me!

Marc Jacobs is a cutie, he knows what us girls want in a perfume; an adorable bottle to proudly display on our vanities and a gorgeous fragrance which causes people to ask that oh so important question; 

"what are you wearing?"

His designs pull you in and even if you don't like the fragrance you'll want to just to get your hands on the bottles.

Daisy Sunshine
Personally, I'm not a big fan of the original Daisy, I prefer fruity scents so I was so excited to smell this, and did it disappoint? No it did not!! Not at all!
My boyfriend LOVED this on me, it was fruity and addictive and surprisingly grown up for such a playful fragrance, it had an edible note I couldn't put my finger on but I really cannot wait for this to be everywhere, this is on my birthday wishlist!

Guava, Mandarin Orange, Red Currant

Heart: Lily Of the Vally, Lychee, Violet
Base: Woody Notes, Musk
(the ones in colours are what I think make it so yummy!)

Daisy Eau So Fresh Sunshine
Its... So... Pretty I can't handle it!!
I was going to ask for the original for Valentines day but then the boyfie and I decided to eat our weight in Frankie and Bennys than do presents. But now I'm so glad I wont be getting that one, this one blows it out of the water!!!
It's still got the similar smell but sometimes Eau so fresh can give me a headache if i'm not on top form but this i feel i would be able to wear every single day!! 
I just kept smelling this as I was wearing it, it's delicious!
Is it bad to get both for my birthday?!

Strawberry. Apple Blossom, Pink Grapefruit

Heart: Rose, Jasmine, Violet Leaf
Base: Oak Moss, Amber
(the ones in colours are what I think make it so yummy!)

Oh Lola! Sunsheer
This one I didn't put on my skin, on the card it went almost almondy and so sweet it went bitter. 
I just can't describe it, it wasn't unpleasant, it's just not what I wanted to smell like!
It's a shame as I adored the orignial when it came out and wore it constantly but even that turns on me sometimes! Some of you will rock the hell out of this I'm sure, it's just not perfect for me.

Top: Pear, Wild Strawberry, Raspberry

Heart: Magnolia, Peony, Cyclamen
Base: Tonka Bean, Sandalwood, Vanilla
(the ones in colours are what I think make it so yummy!)

Looking at the notes now I feel I should in theory love this one, I might have to give it another smell and actually try it on, however I feel it might be the tonka bean that was turning! 

I'm surprised there wasn't a summer dot, that could have been cute! like an aqua blue colour with white and pink dots, never mind!

There are some exciting new fragrances coming out this year, of course there's your Armani diamonds summer 13 which is (SURPRISE) the same as last years but these are just something new and exciting to keep your eyes peeled for.

I've only seen these in one shop so far and thats the perfume shop, some have them some do not, but Boots will get them end of Feb so let the excitement begin!!

What's your favourite?!?
Will you be trying these?

With Love

Saturday, 9 February 2013

NEW Britney Spears Island Fantasy Perfume

Guys I am so excited, I actually gasped when I saw this, the legendary Miss Britney Spears has a new fragrance!!

I was disappointed with her Fantasy Twist perfume as I was hoping for a new one in 2012 but luckily this new addition will be out soon!

Are you ready?

Oh, my, GOSH! I am in love! 

It's funny I've been saying for a while she needs a tropical looking fantasy! I did imagine a yellow bottle with green diamonds, but this is okay too... I guess!

Just kidding, I love the bottle and I cannot wait to smell it! I'm sure it's going to be a staple scent for summer and I will take it on holiday and it will be amazing!

Fanmade Promo made by trustthatiknow

This is avalible from April and I'm bubbling with excitment, Britney never used to get it wrong but Cosmic Radiance and Fantasy Twist was just ZzZzZ,

Promo Fanmade by ernesthgarcia

What do you think? 
Is this a must have item?!

With Love