Tuesday, 12 February 2013

What is up with Essie nail colours??

Essie, a great nail brand, I adore the unusual colours, the sassy names and how theyre the only polish that lasts more than one day without a chip on my flaky as hell nails! Out of all my polishes one of my most loved colours is of course, Fiji, I love the milky pink hue and the creamy consistency
I don't own any other colours as I find theyre a tad on the pricey side! 
I have a salon services card so I get my hands on OPI nail colours for about £6, Essie colours are £7.99 so i'm afraid OPI wins with me. 
But at work, my desk is right infront of the Essie stand so I do catch myself looking at them quite a bit and one thing I thought is the title; "What is up with the Essie colours?"

Now I've noticed this a lot, when we first got the stand in, Fiji was clearly a pink nail colour. If you asked anybody what colour it was, they would say pink. Then we started getting in the Fiji as I know it now, a milky white that is just ever so slightly pink. To me thats what makes it so amazing,  how it's barely pink. But for a while it was super confusing as if you held them next to eachother, they looked like complete different polishes!

Another example:
Both are number 17 polishes Muchi, Muchi, the left is a pale pink almost peachy colour polish, the one on the right (which I believe to be the true colour) is a thin pink colour. 
They're close, but do we all agree they're not the same? 
To most people they might not notice a difference (or care),  but as we all love our polishes and rebuy them constantly I feel we would.
Say for instance you loved the one on the right and it was your staple polish and you went to rebuy and they only had the peach hue, would you notice? I feel we would, it wouldn't be earth shattering but it would be an annoyance and one of those "why do they have to always change it" moments.

I've noticed this with some other colours over the past months but these are the only ones I could currently find to take some photos of!

I don't think they're old batches which are slightly sun altered as now we keep getting in the peach toned Muchi, Muchi, and the Milky Fiji, it wouldn't make sense for them to be more pink to start with, I don't even know, it's confusing!

Do you know what's going on with Essie? Is this something you have noticed?
Please do let me know below, I'm amazed by the magic of the changing Essie polishes!!

I hope everyone has a fab week!!

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