Friday, 15 February 2013

My current little loves

Hi beauties!

This is an odd post! It's nit a piece on what beauty products I love or anything like that, it's a little mixture!!

So away we go:

My cat Jasmine is so adorable, she's paticular about when and where she's soppy and it fools a lot of people into thinking she's a meanie but really shes a big softie, she just doesn't like to be bothered a lot of the time. We are cut from the same mold and I think thats why we get on so well

Health Kick! I'm trying to lose some weight for summer, I want to be able to wear anything without worrying about my flabby arms and such. So I've been using My Fitness Pal (such a good app) and been basically eating grilled chicken and a hell load of veg every night, it's delicious!!

Unfortunatly, I've now had to cut these out, but woah, they're amazing!
I prefer the Orange but I could just polish off can after can of them, these are very yummy but so sickly sour I can steady myself more!
It's a shame they can only be bought in 6 packs because I just want to buy one as a cheeky treat but if I buy 6.... i will drink 6 *blush*

Wiiiiine! Woah when did I become a wino?
I'm a cocktail girl myself, my girls love their wine and I could always take it or leave it, but recently, I've just been wanting a nice glass of wine! Is it because Summers so so near or have I turned into a grown up?

Watching my cat instead of TV.
This is my other little lady, she's called Molly and shes as mad as a box of frogs. She's a bit pshyco and a bit troubled but also very sweet and teeeeny tiny. She's so clumsy bless her that it's more fun to watch her prowl sometimes than watch TV cause she's bound to fall or something then give you an embarrassed look! hahah!

Yummy! Pigs ears!!!
I saw these in tesco and got so incredibly grossed out I had to take a photo!
Pigs ears? Hey, I'm all for using every part of the animal you staughter you know, but this was just something else!
Poor little pups.

New mascara day, this is always a good time, I love ripping open new packaging and it being all fresh and new, can't describe the love.

Models Own Polishes!!! I love the headkandi range, my favorites are the bright orange here and the bright red on my nails there so I thought the blue would be great... wrong. If you want me to go in to it let me know, but honestly, it was a disappointment. However, the other 2 colours are to dieeee for!

I rediscovered my Mac Viva Glam Gaga lipstick!
It was date night and I had really heavy eye makeup on and I thought my usual lipstick wouldn't go so I trolled through my lipstick bag and found this and thought "Ooh would it go though"
and wow. It was JUST the colour I needed.
Oh you.

Oh letters, you're so drunk. Go home letters. Go home.

A photo taken after our valentines dinner, we were stuffed, fat and dying. Aw cute.

Yay! I love loving things.

Hope you all have a great weekend!! 

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