Saturday, 9 February 2013

NEW Britney Spears Island Fantasy Perfume

Guys I am so excited, I actually gasped when I saw this, the legendary Miss Britney Spears has a new fragrance!!

I was disappointed with her Fantasy Twist perfume as I was hoping for a new one in 2012 but luckily this new addition will be out soon!

Are you ready?

Oh, my, GOSH! I am in love! 

It's funny I've been saying for a while she needs a tropical looking fantasy! I did imagine a yellow bottle with green diamonds, but this is okay too... I guess!

Just kidding, I love the bottle and I cannot wait to smell it! I'm sure it's going to be a staple scent for summer and I will take it on holiday and it will be amazing!

Fanmade Promo made by trustthatiknow

This is avalible from April and I'm bubbling with excitment, Britney never used to get it wrong but Cosmic Radiance and Fantasy Twist was just ZzZzZ,

Promo Fanmade by ernesthgarcia

What do you think? 
Is this a must have item?!

With Love

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