Sunday, 13 January 2013

J'adore Juicy Couture

Oh hello gorgeous, how're you? It's been ages! Apologies, I have no excuse, I've just been lazy! 
It's a brand new year!! How about that eh? 

Anyway, I'm here to speak (ahem type) about my little Juicy stash I've got going on. 
I love Juicy Couture as a brand, i think it's fun, cute, girlie and glamorous  It's affordable but still a little luxury!
Pink and gold are my FAVOURITE and I mean the best of the best colours ever! They go so well together which is maybe also why I love Juicy so much.

Starting with the fragrances we have;

Viva La Juicy La Fleur

This is my newest addition to my collection! It's much like the original but different enough that it's worth having. It's more floral and a perfect day time scent, it's almost as fancy as daisy, which although nice, not a sexy, romantic party fragrance, just... nice, and hey, I like that.
I splurged this on... my boots points so I got it free!

RRP £47 for 50ml 

Viva La Juicy 
For me this is a must have! This bottle is almost 2 years old and I got it for my 20th birthday which is also the day my boyfriend asked me out, aw shucks! So this holds nice memories for us both, every time I spray this on we both look at each other and once he smells it he smiles which is super sweet! This smells edible and caramelly and yummy and ooooh, go smell it if you haven't already, I loves it!
RRP £63 100ml 

Couture Couture
When I was young I had a Barbie perfume and yes, it was delicious and if I remembered what the bottle looked like or whatever I would try and hunt it down and buy any last drop I can find, it was to die for, I was so the best smelling child on the playground that year. I tell you this as when I first smelt this, I instantly remembered that fragrance it took me back so to speak! So I actually call this my barbie perfume! I was so happy when my boyfriend saw this in Debenhams for half price in a giftset! It's quite heavy and a real show stopper, perfect for a Juicy girl then right?
RRP £47 50ml 

Viva La Juicy Rollerball
My first Juicy fragrance! I got these in a set of three from work, I had never smelt any before and we got them in without testers so I couldn't smell them, but when they were half price after Christmas I snatched them up on a whim! I automatic loved Viva La Juicy and I think I gave away Juicy Couture original and Couture Couture is in my going out bag i think :)

Couture La La
ooh la la mademoiselle, je suis en amour! The newest little lady in their line! I reviewed this here and I am so in love, it's gorgeous, as much as I love pink and gold, the silver is gorgeous too, perfect everything!
RRP 50ml £47

In front I have my jewellery from my "amoureux" Adam! I was very lucky and got them for our one year anniversary! Lucky Lucky girl!

*drools* they're so pretty, I don't wear them too much but I love them dearly!

and at the back I have a Juicy Couture Make Up bag which comes FREE with any purchase of Juicy Couture Fragrance 50ml or above at Boots right now! 

I'm not usually a free gift fan but THAT I had to have, it looks expensive *blush*

SO that is that! 
I was about to say, can Juicy Couture do anything wrong? Then I remembered about Peace, Love and Juicy Couture *giggles*
Ooop sorry!

Do you like Juicy Fragrances?
What's your favourite??

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