Saturday, 29 December 2012

NEW Maybelline Volum' Express Rocket Mascara

Maybelline The Rocket Volum' Mascara

As I'm the kinda girl who is always on the look out for a new mascara this one caught my eye!
I love packaging and I feel guilty admitting that I will pass up a great mascara if it didn't have a fancy tube, eeek!
This looked gorgeous and as soon as I saw it I was drawn to it, I already knew I would buy it.

I previously reviewed the Colossal Smokey eyes mascara by Maybelline here and thought I had found my new go-to mascara (In fact I have already repurchased it) but, I'm always up for new loves in my life.

I was curious about the brush on this as I wasn't sure if it would have the same Colossal brush but the packet looked more like the MaxFactor/CoverGirl 24hr Mascara, which yes, when taken out of the packing ... it's very similar.

I've always preferred my mascara wands to have natural bristles, so I was ever so slightly disappointed to see stubby little combs on the wand.

So here I had only curled my eyelashes with a simple H&M eyelash curler and put on some black eyeliner on my lid.

Sorry about the awkward face, it's a by-product of a long day at work 

So judge for yourself. It's VERY dramatic, much more than the colossal range.
I feel my eyelashes are kind of spidey legged but I'm okay with that, where as I know not all of you will love that!

I can't wait to give this more of a go and for it to maybe dry out a bit and see if it's any different.

with so much love


  1. i actually need a new mascara - may have to try this one out! :)
    happy new year!

  2. those mascara looks really nice on you lashes, so defined and volumizing!
    would you like to follow each other?

  3. how many coats did you apply?