Friday, 14 December 2012

Soap And Glory Best Of All Gift Set

Gather round Soap and Glory fans, this is the ultimate treat! Priced at £60 it would be quite the splurge, the items alone tot up to £69, however, I didn't pay £60, nowhere near. 
This will set you back.... £27!!!
Yes, take a moment, how good is that?
This is boots offer of the week, and wow is it the best one yet. 
I love love love Soap and Glory body care. The scent, the packaging, it's spot on.
I'll now tell you what comes inside...

Clean On Me RRP £5.50
This I think is their top seller, its a creamy moisturising body wash. The scent is their original fragrance which is what got them pretty well known, it's yummy!
The bottle is 500ml and has a handy pump so you'll never waste any as it only dispenses what you need. Oh perfect.

Sugar Crush RRP £8
This is what got me the most excited, I love their new smell of Lime and Sugar. It's in their new body wash of the same name and I just love it. This is a body exfoliater which not going to lie, I don't need at the moment as I have my Soap & Glory Flake Away on the go, but hey, it's scrummy and I can't wait to try it!

The Righteous Butter RRP £10.50
This again is one of their best sellers, it was featured on How To Look Good Naked a few years ago and sold pretty smoothly  Personally I've had a few of these in the past, ones I've bought myself then been given as gifts etc and I never finish them, I'm quite lazy and hardly moisturise after a bath so they get used for a few days then the novelty wears off and they get forgotten, sad! It smells like Clean On Me but much stronger, so I think thats also why I don't get on with it, a bit overpowering for me, but when I have used it it's proven to be a great product!

Hand Food RRP £5
Oooh, hand cream isn't in my routine, I have quite soft hands which people compliment me on and I'm scared if i get my hands used to hand cream they'll stop doing their thing and rely on the cream! But in the past I've used this and its the only one i will use is i ever need to. It smells lovely and has marshmallow in. Oh yummy, try not to eat it, you'll want to.

Smoothie Star £10
This is a body milk so it's not as thick as the butter so I'd probably use this more, it smells sickly sweet but I kind of like that! I've not tried this one before as I think its quite new but I really love the packaging on this one! Again its the pump so it's clean and simple!

Heel Genius £5.50
This smells nothing like S&G have done before, it's got menthol in and you can really tell! I'm not one for foot creams, do you put socks on over it? do you just not go anywhere till its soaked in? if you do wear socks will the cream wash out or will they be ruined?
Too many questions for me to use this product confidently, haha!

Peaches and Clean £7
The only facial skin care there is in the pack! I adore the name, it's super cute. I could have thought of a better facial skincare product as last year they put in wipes which are always handy! But I love trying out new things!

Sexy Mother Pucker £9
A sexy hot pink plumping lipgloss! The colour is in Punch Bowl and smells like chocolate, oh yum!
This has a plumping action so you feel it tingling and it makes you all pouty! 
This is their top selling make up item so no wonder they put it in there!

Thick & Fast £10
This mascara has a HUGE brush, it's quite scary, I would imagine it would be "thick and fast" as i bet you only need a few sweeps over your lashes and they'll be done!
Perfect if you're short on time! I wish the tube was cuter, but hey ho!

It also comes with some coupons for S&G in the new year such as extra points when you spend £10 (like you'll run out by march when they expire) or money off certain products. 
You get given both a Pound side of coupons and a Euro side so I'm going to make good use and find someone to mail the Euro side to, seems a waste for me to just chuck them!

So wow, for £27, who thinks its worth it??

What I'm going to do is give a few of these as gifts, splitting it up is such value for money and I even get to keep a few, is that naughty??

This is on offer till next Friday so Thursday 20th is the last day you can buy it, but honestly, it'll be gone by then. It's already sold out on the website and it just went on offer this morning! If you see it in your boots don't leave thinking you'll buy it in a few days, I've seen worse offers run out. 

Who's going to be buying this?
I'm off to have a pink retro gorgeous bath
love love love


  1. I want this - I wish I had money................... I said
    I wish I had money........................
    Dam nothing happened again.

  2. Oh wow what a great deal, I'll have to check this out!

  3. Love soap and glory! Desperate to buy this :)
    Laura xx

  4. I really need to get this, such an amazing deal :)
    Daniella x

  5. It is so amazing! Much better than last year! I want to keep it for myself :(