Thursday, 6 December 2012

The Half Blood Prince... Or Princess!

Sqweeee! I hope that's not bad to say, you know the Harry Potter reference because that's the last thing I want, I love the Royals! I love Prince William and I love that he married someone so cute at Kate, oh just look at them will you, they're the sweetest.

I was so unbelievably happy to find out there is a royal bun in ones oven! I do feel bad for Kate though, morning sickness like hers must have been just the worst start to a pregnancy and then for everyone to find out when you're not ready, I couldn't imagine how annoyed and upset you'd be. 
But in true Royal fashion, she rocked the hell out of it and even LEFT hospital today looking like this:

for real, she was born to be a princess. 

After my operation last week I left looking like this:

...big difference.

Anyway, I am so excited, I really want her to have a little girl, how cute would that be!
Congratulations to them, they seem like such lovely people, they deserve a great pregnancy and happy times!!

you go Willy, you pimppppp!

Are you excited? Aren't they so sweet?

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  1. They are the cutest couple I love them and I love her most of all. If a genie escaped from a bottle I would wish for her wardrobe and fashion sense, oo and her hair. I'm so glad their prego too :) I hope everything goes well for them xx