Monday, 3 December 2012

Feel so sorry for me!

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If i were a cat, which I so wish I was, I would be wearing a cone of shame right now. Unfortunately    I'm human so I don't get any fun accessory to tell the world I've been in the wars, I just get a swollen face and I've lost the ability to talk.
Seriously, I get my boyfriend to talk if we go anywhere cause I am drooling like a baby (sexy)!

I should probably cut to the chance and tell y'all why I need a cone of shame. At the grand age of 21 I had my tonsils out! They were horrible little things which caused more problems than they solved, however I was still reluctant to get rid of them, I think I only went through it in the end because I waited for an appointment with an ear nose and throat doctor for like 5 hours ! 

I wasn't told much about what to expect before the op so much that I had only booked a few days off work, it wasn't until the day when i was told I needed 2 weeks off work to recover! I looked up what to expect the day before my op, which we all know is a terrible idea. The internet blows everything out of per-portion and is very scary, so I had a cry and threw my toys out of my pram then got over it and went ahead and got those suckers cut out.

So far it hasn't been TOO bad, I will really do a full blog post when I feel the worst is over but right now, It sucks, it hurts but its nothing you cannot handle! 

I've just been washing my pain away with some hard online shopping and preparing for being back on top form!!

One terrific plus side (apart from the sleepy pills) is this:

Look at the lovely flowers I was given! So perfect!!

Anyway, this is why I'm not really posting and if I do post some eligible crap, it's the tablets talking!

Toodles guys and dolls!!


  1. Aww! That picture is so cute! I hope you're feeling better soon!


    1. Thank you! I'm starting to feel more human!!! Xox

  2. Your flowers are gorgeous you lucky lady! Not so lucky on the tonsils though, I had mine out when I was younger but I hear that the older you are the worse it is! I hope you're well on the road to recovery and can eat nice things soon :) x

    1. Oh gosh I'm sure it does get worse as I don't think kids could go through how horrid it is! There is not a single thing glamorous about it or lady like and you wanna show people and even your best friends won't look! Hahah ^-^ thank you so much <3 xo