Friday, 28 December 2012

Juicy Couture La La Perfume Review!

You may have seen my earlier post about this perfume and how excited I was to get it thinking I'd have to wait AGES, however, it is now all mine!!

When I first saw the bottle it was almost like love at first sight, the juice is a rose pink and it's decorated with a beautiful necklace and a backwards bow, the jewels are all silver but there is a small pink diamant√© in there, there is so much detail to make this bottle beautiful.

The scent is meant to be effortlessly classy and glamorous  which actually, at first spray, it was a dud. It smelt like DKNY Be Delicious (i dislike DKNY no matter what) and I'm not too sure why you would want a lingering stench of apple but hey, that's just me. So I was like "oh.." and actually a little sad.
I wanted to love it, I loved everything else it was offering just not the smell. 
I tried it on and luckily the apple peace's out pretty soon on me, then it dries down to a floral musky almost vanilla smell, but not a sweet vanilla. I'm terrible at describing scents, sorry!

I kept wondering what that smell was and then I smelt my wrists and it was me!
Yay! I was in love with it!!

This is like nothing I've had before. 
I like Britney Spears and Taylor Swift perfumes and this is nothing like them. 

My boyfriend commented and said "don't take this the wrong way, but it smells mature, not grandma mature but like, classy" and he loves it!

So really I think that goes to show, it does what it promises.

I would wear this to dinner or to nice daytime events. I'm not sure it's fun enough for work and for sure not for a night out, I might just keep this for when the time calls for it. 

I would so recommend giving this a chance, it's gorgeous inside and out!


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  1. love the fun and luxurious and girly bottle a lot <3
    would you like to follow each other?