Tuesday, 11 December 2012

A real man.

My niece was unfortunately born with a Father who didn't really want to stick around. My sister became a single parent after her boyfriend left her when she was 7 months pregnant, my niece has been raised by my sister with a lot of help from my mum as they both live at home. 

Since she’s only seen her father a handful of times when she was a couple months old, she does not know him at all, and in a household where even the cats are female, she doesn't have a male role in her life which is where I believe my boyfriend Adam comes in.
This is a photo I just found tucked away on my computer of my niece Molly and my boyfriend Adam. He is the most gentle, kind hearted man I have ever met. Adam is the only male she has seen every day of her life, I hope with him around she won’t really care about her dad. I didn’t see too much of my dad growing up, but my Grandad stepped in and gave me a strong, kind, male role model to look up to & I never really cared that my dad couldn't be there for me as I never felt like I missed anything you know? So I know that it can be done. I believe as long as you have someone who shows you not everyone's the same, then you’ll be okay. I'm hoping just by Molly seeing that there are men like Adam in the world that she can trust and will love her then she’ll be fine. 

I thought this was such a sweet photo & I cannot believe it wasn't one of my favourites already. 

I’m not saying Adam is a step in dad by any means, he’s only 20 for crying out loud & there is also my brother in law who proved to be there for me a lot growing up which I'm sure he would do the same for Molly too!
Molly and Adam at the park

Just chilling!

Molly Hooked herself an Adam!

So I just wanted to write this post as it's something i've never quite addressed and to thank Adam for being the man he is, as if dealing with me isn't tough enough, but dealing with my crazy family and all the babies who insist on dribbling on him and never ever once complaining.
Thank you for giving Molly all the strong warm cuddles she hadn't got from her dad and for knowing just how to turn her crying into happy giggles. 
You are a real man.


  1. Such a beautiful post <3 what a lovely boyfriend you have! And your little niece is so adorable xxx

    1. Thank you so much, he's a rare breed!! Thank you so much for reading <3 xo