Sunday, 25 November 2012

Juicy Couture La La

Excuse me, I haven't stopped screaming since I saw this!
Juicy Couture have a new fragrance everyone!!
As a big Juicy fan I am buzzing about this, I have had all of them in the past but wasn't too in love with the new Viva La Fleur which I was quite disappointed with as I so thought i'd swoon and lets not go there with Peace, Love... just no!

Viva La Juicy is my signature as I love sweet edible fragrances and the caramel note in Viva is just divine!
This however, isn't based on the Viva La Juicy range but will be more of a modern take on the 2006 original Juicy Couture.
Now, this can only mean good things as although I grew to, lets say like, the original it still was never a Original Juicy Couture kinda day as it was just too mature for me, this will be much fruitier and although will still feature musk, hopefully it's life won't depend on it.

The bottle itself is amazing, I love the rose juice and the crown its wearing along the bow, I already know it will look right at home next to my Viva La Juicy and my Couture Couture on my dresser!

I love everything about La La! The name, the bottle, the notes... everything!!

This is of course out in america first late November 2012 but with any luck they'll bring this Diva over the pond soon cause us Juicy girls need to meet her too!

What do you think, gorgeous right??
Whats your favourite Juicy scent??
As always,


  1. I love Juicy Couture perfumes! Think I need to get to my local Boots and try this out!


    1. oh it's not at boots yet :( ! Still to be released in the US before we're lucky enough to be graced with it! </3