Sunday, 26 August 2012

Golly Gosh OPI Spotted!!

WOW! Have we all seen this already? Am I just super duper late? This is the OPI Spotted topcoat, I hear it was a part of the Spider Man collection in France, the rest of the world got a shatter (snore)  and they got that? How is this fair, I don't know!

This is much better than the shatters in my opinion! I adored shatter when it came out, it seemed fun and I did do a few cool effects with it :

That being my favourite, then BAM, as quickly as it came, it went. I officially hated crackle on my nails. 
It's an odd look for me. Others still do it and that's so fine, but I just do not like that, so please if you're scrolling down with little crackled nails please do not pout! This is just my opinion for me!

But back to the subject at hand (har de har) the spotted top coat looks so fun, you could do all sorts, I think black would be lovely for a space design but other colours would just be so cute too! Pinks!!!!

I'm hoping this comes out in the UK soon and around the world as it would be nice to see lots of fun nail art using it! It's avalable on Ebay if you are willing to splash out £50 for it. No, I am not joking!!!

So what do you think of the new spotted topcoat? Or do you hate these pre made effects? I guess some hardcore nail art fiends may think its lazy? I think its amazing and sciencey!
How about you?
I'm excited to try it!! Whatever will they come out with next?


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