Monday, 7 May 2012

Slightly about me...

Name : Claire
Age : 21
Location : England, Hertfordshire
Tumblr :
Twitter :
Skin Type : Normal / Dry
Natural Hair Colour : Medium Brown, Straight, bit fluffy!
Eye Colour : Blue
Foundation Shade : I'm usually fine with Ivory unless I've fake tanned!
Most expensive make up purchase : On one item it was probably my Dior lipstick (worn once, wasted!) All together was a cheeky trip to boots where I bought 3 benefit blushers and lots of other naughty things!
Why did you make a beauty blog? :  You know when you come home and want to show everyone what you just bought? I want you guys to be the people I'm excited to show it to!

I will add to this but for now that's all I can think of!
Ta ta!


  1. I have the same feeling....always want to show someone what I just bought:). Can't talk with my brother about make up and my friends are not that much into makeup, so I went for a blog :))


    1. My friend is into makeup but would die if she spent £25 on a lipstick which is why its nice to talk to people on blogs who share your dirty little makeup secrets and enjoy it as much as eachother! Following you now!!