Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Lush Haul

I consider myself a bath person, but when I'm in the bath, I get rather bored. I try candles, magazines, music but nothing makes me want to stay in the bath longer than 10 minutes. However, one thing that keeps me going in there is a good bath bomb. But not just any bath bomb it has to be a lush bath bomb!
I am a complete lush fiend! I cannot step foot in there without spending half a days wage. These were kindly treated to me by my wonderful boyfriend Adam, but if I had been buying, it sure would have been more!
So I went shopping in Milton Keynes to get these beauties and as I greedily put items in my basket I noticed how I always go for the same ones!

Image taken from Lush website

The Comforter £4.15 each This is a glorious little thing. I say little, it's actually HUGE! The price seems a little steep but it goes so far! I get 4 baths out of this, sometimes more or less depending how much TLC I need! It also smells so devine! The website says its blackcurrent and other berries, but to me it's like bubblegum or something as cheeky smelling. It's such an edible fragrance I may have tried to eat the bubbles to test if it really tasted like the smell - it doesn't, yuck!
Other than the gorgeous smell, the main reason I keep buying is the quality of the bubbles it produces! I always remember watching rugrats and their baths were SO bubbly I was so jealous that mine was just pitiful bubbles, this is actually like swimming in bubbles, it's so lovely! I think everyone should try this or at least go into a lush and smell it, if that doesn't tickle you, how about the fact that it turns your bath water bright pink? Sold!
Image taken from Lush website

Dragons Egg £3.15 each So this is the second one i've purchased and this time I just was not in love with it! I seems like I should love it, I mean it's gorgeous, it's big, its got colourful bits and a glitter centre! I should have loved it, but even with this bathbomb I just wanted to escape the bath. It smelt like citrus but all I could smell was lemon which at night in a candle lit bath was a bit odd for me. It was great when the popping candy starting exploding! It hits against the bath and makes a really loud ping noise! The colourful discs floating around was fun too, however, it just wasn't enough to make me fall in love. Then when it got to the glitter centre it was a nightmare! I didn't notice how glittery my boyfriend and I was in the bath, but when we were in bed or going to work the next day, it was EVERYWHERE. I wouldn't mind so much, but he hated the stuff! This makes me think that really it's just me who was in a funny mood and than it's not Dragon Eggs fault, but I now remember not being too fussed first time round! I would reccomend this really, I just don't think its me! A+ for originality, again Popping candy in a bathbomb? Wow!

Image found on Google Images

Dorothy £2.99 each. This little fellow is Dorothy. It's (She?) is an amazingly bright bubble bar! I picked this beauty up because it smells like the figs and leaves soap which is one of my favs! Also, at £2.99 for a bubble bar! That's cheap for Lush, straight into my basket it went! I tried this one I think either the day I got it. I was just so excited. If you're not familiar with the Figs and Leaves smell, it's described as floral on their site, but to me it really is your lovely "soap" smell. Can I just point out how funny i find it that wayyy back when, soap smelt like soap, then someone came and made it smell all rosey and stuff so we're in constant search for that "soap" smelling soap! Unless that is just me. Ohwell not the time for irony! I loved the smell in the shop because I imagined sitting in the bath surrounded by this lovely clean smell and brightly coloured water and I just could not wait. 
Photo from my Instagram
So I crumbled it up under warm water as you do and I just got super exited, it looks like the food in the movie Hook! You know the best part where they're imagining all the food?! If you haven't seen it, go watch it now! This was just getting better and better! Until i came back to my tub expecting a mountain of bubbles but was greeted by just a scantaly clad blue water with a sprinkling of bubbles! Dissapointing! However, I got in and could barely smell the beautiful scent I was expecing! As I said, baths rarely keep my attention long so within minutes, I was out and pulling the plug on my £2.99 fail whale. Sigh. I couldn't even smell it on my skin after! I could have cried (well no, but hurruh for drama!) This bath bomb is typical of some silly boys I know, they look great, seem promising but when you're naked they let you down! Oh I shouldn't have said that, I'm completly joking, I was gonna say a different joke but that just came out, Naughty!
SO you might really like this, It wasn't the worst I just expected more! My friend had it and had no complaints, but being quite tricky to please, it wasn't The One! This might sneak its way back into my wicker lush basket soon because that's just the kinda gal I am!

Cupcake £5.75 for 75ml Ooooh Cupcake, my real weakness! This is a mask you must try! This is the one I always debate about buying each time I see it in it's little silver bowl looking yummy. I have quite alright skin, it can be sensitive to the most silly things but I don't really have spots only stubbon blackheads so I don't really need this other than how gorgeous is smells, looks and how I just like to put on a mask sometimes and be girlie, Okay! Now i'll be the first to admit it's a teeny container, but you get so much in there and as theyre fresh, you need to really use it within days! So I'm not too sure what this is supposed to achive, lovely smooth skin I suspect but my boyfriend has the few huge spot (i'm a spot popping fiend so I do love this) and this mask (sorry to be gross) popped his spots. Like we put it on our faces (yes my boyfriend did too!) and when I looked it had opened his pores so much they'd popped the few blemishes he had! Madness! That really impressed me as it must actually work by clearing out pores!! 
I would love to put the photos of us both together on here, but i'll let the boy keep his dignity shall i?! Can I also add how Lush has a recycling scheme with these pots, once emptied, i believe you take 5 back to the store for recycling and they give you a brand spanking new pot of your choice for FREE!  Lush... You've done it again. So perfect !
I've given this an 8 because it smells so good but it tasted horrible when I licked some. Don't tempt me so much lush!

Twilight £3.15 each. Oh I saved the best till last didn't I!? Lavender haters, don't write this one off yet. I have always loathed Lavender. My dear mother loves the stuff, I could never get my head round it. Those little purple petals to me means headache migraine hell! So imagine how shocked I was when I fell in love with this amazing scent only to be told it's lavenders baby. Lavender must have got cozy with Zac Efron for it to get this yummy! I've always wanted to love Lavender (could I say Lavender any more? oops just did!) I've loved how it has soothing abilities and can send you to sleep all peacefully and as a night owl, i need something like that in my life. Calm me down when the clock hits 10 not get me kicking! So I had a few of these in my time before I fell in love with it, Ive always loved its smell but recently I had a stressful time with an old buddy of mine, so I popped one of these in the bath (the colours, oh god the colours!) and I chatted to my boyfriend for almost an hour about what was bothering me. After I got out i felt like a weight was lifted. I assume it was all the talking but I highly think it was Twilight. Oh you. It just kept me calm and soothed and dreamy. When I crawled into bed I could still smell it and it sent me right off into the land of nod. Brilliant! When you put it into the water it's like a cool hue sunset! It has lavender then blue then pink layers then in the final layer it has just the right amount of glitter! Enough to maybe leave some specks on you which will make any sane person smile when they see, but not crazy amounts that ends up on your face for years! Oh I'm wanting to have a twilight bath right now! If you've got a rough patch in your life or have someone in need of some cheering up, I suggest this! It's a lovely little thing which holds great powers! But if they're a Harry Potter fan, just don't tell them the name....

So that's all for now. Since I got these a month or so ago I've been to another lush and only got myself Twilight bombs!! So theres a result! I may leave my next haul for a month as I do spend too much money in Lush, but come Julys payday there will be a riot!
Tell me everyone, did you even get through all that? What did you think of these products if you've tried them!? Lush forever yes?
Speak soon!


  1. Fantastic post! I love lush, i do find some stuff complete winners, and a few misses though, love the face masks, the lip scrubs, love it!

    hope you check my blog

    Gem x

    1. Oooh the lip scrubs! Theyre always by the till and I always sniff the pink bubblegum one cause its so yummy! I've thought about them because my bad habit is i pick my lips? so theyre so dry and i've thought maybe instead of picking the dry skin, exfoliate it off to break the habbit? Would that work?? I really wanna own that beautiful smelling sugar! ahah xo