Tuesday, 12 June 2012

No7 will do great things...

Hi there! It's been a while, i've been meaning to do this post for a while but I wasn't allowed to talk about it! 
So I recently got invited to a No7 event held in Telford and I was super excited as I felt some serious news was going to be thrown at me. Oh how right I was.

First of all upon arrival and signing in we were all sat down for refreshments, being allergic to life, I could only drink bottled water, but they didn't cheap out there. It was ice cold gorgeous yummy water. Yeah, I called this water yummy. But it was. After enjoying my aqua we all went into what I can only describe as an ARENA. Ha it was huge!! There were 4 or 5 of those big screens up which again got me super excited. I love No7, it's an amazing brand and I was hoping a big announcment was instore! So when the presentation started there were all the big names there. The directors of the brand, the designers then....Lisa Eldridge walks up. Oh I was dying a bit! Some people I was with said they didn't like how she name dropped, but to me I love that. If I had hung out with Kate Winslet i'd be telling the person that sells me my morning paper, like she's only human! Plus if she had just remained secretive you'd be dying to know who she was on about! She spoke about how she got into the brand and how much she loves it and just having someone like Lisa behind the brand will sell itself really.

She spoke for a while and I stared at her with my mouth wide open then recieved the biggest applause from everyone, little did we know we'd be clapping so much within the next hour! 
Everything the directors/designers were saying was getting everyone super excited! You may have noticed No7 is repacking their great products and introducing new lines such as the beautiful skin products, well everything will be getting a make over! Everything will match and I can't say too much about it but let me tell you this. You will want this on your dressing table and you will proudly pull this out of your make up bag! No7 has really upped its game!
They have some amazing ideas which will be rolled out into stores starting now, some you'll see in August and such but you keep checking your boots! Keep an eye out for everything ;)
Oooh I feel like I'm being super sneeky, but I don't want to spoil the surprise! 
Everything will be so much cuter down to the packaging, the stands the uniform, it'll all look so chic. MAC Who?? Oh I kid, I do love my MAC but No7 is so upping their game. We were lucky enough to get a look around at all theyre new products, ideas, stands uniform and after my big "i need a vegan meal" mix up where I was handed eggy milky salad one after the other, we went into another room where we were able to asked questions and given a nice little goody bag!!! 
I cannot show you the goody bag (im sorry!!) as it's got the new packaging and I don't wanna get into trouble! But I can tell you what I got!
I got a Beautiful Skin Cleanser for Normal/Dry skin £9.00

Compact Pressed Powder in shade Translucent £12.00
Sheer Temptation Lipstick in shade Bewitched £10.00

Body Bliss Body Wash Price Unknown
Oh there was one more but I cannot remember right now! I love what I was given, they didn't have to give anything so all in all, good haul!

I loved the day I spent with everyone at the No7 event. I left there with so much knowlege of the brand and excitement for everything they have planned. Theyre an amazing brand who has been going strong for I think it's around 100 years. They're super smart and a nice affordable premium brand. I cannot wait till you all see the stuff they have planned so we can all chat about it!
Did you go to the event!? What did you think?
Do you already use No7?? Tell me :)!!


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