Tuesday, 4 October 2011


I was in bed, when I heard a van, I thought, oh i better put a shirt on in case thats for me, the the door knocks, "EEEEE MY PACKAGES!!!"
I've been waiting for these for a week so I was very excited.

When I open the door in my backwards shirt, the postman hands me a sack. YES, a sack!!

So I look in and theres a few packages, not worthy of a sack, but I understand where the postman was coming from!
So I got a bit excited and ripped all of them open!

The first one I opened was a box with a few of Lizs birthday presents in then the next had a present each for Liz and Jaz for Christmas then I opened the one for meeeee!! It had my perfumes from America that I swapped with someone!

This is a 50ml Wrapped With Love by Hilary Duff and the girl had never even used it! I know this because I had to spray it lots for any to come out!! I love it! I smelt it back when I went to Ireland in the Airport and I really didn't like it, it smelt like melon or something so I was really disappointed, but when someone offered me this as half of a swap, i thought fuck it, why not!? And yes, I love it!! It's not as nice as the original With Love, but what will be, the original is lush, This is more a sexy daytime version with more floral notes than the spicy original! So excited about it!

And this is a 100ml Paris Hilton Heiress! This one has been used so it's actually more like 75ml but I knew about that when we were agreeing to swap so it's okay! I love love love this fragrance!! When I was 16 I started really loving perfumes and asking for them for every occasion, but I only ever recieved 30ml cause they're expensive, but I got a grant from college and first thing I did was go out and buy the 100ml of this! it cost me like £60 but I loved it!! It smells like bubble gum and it's such a sweet cute fragrance, this will be my 3rd bottle and I cannot wait to smell like this again!!!
So I swapped both of them for that 100ml Peace Love and Juicy Couture I hated!!! and because it didnt have the lid (which is a big deal as the lid like, makes the bottle) I swapped the body lotion too! That fragrance smelt like tree sap so It's a pretty great swap!!!

I wish I could put up pictures of what I got my friends and I will, just once it's been 5th November!!!!

Now look! i have one of each size!!


  1. I've heard that the Wrapped With Love by Hillary Duff smells really amazin! ♥


  2. It does! It's not like the original but it's still lovely, smells like spring!!!

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