Saturday, 29 September 2012

YSL Créme De Blush

Oh look at it, look how gorgeous it is! I was so lucky to be given this by my friend for no reason! What a babe, I remember eyeing it up though and thinking, good golly thats a pretty pink!
This is a blush but if you like matte lip colours, I would so use this on my lips too, mine are too dry right now but you wait, it will happen!

it's a strange consistancy, creme, whipped? Who knows, It's super soft though! 

Literally feels like rubbing velvet onto your skin, you might be into that!

So it's actually a really subtle colour once on, it can be scary though when you're unsure how much to put on, but building is key!
I will be using this more and more I feel! Summer is over, i'm going to throw the bronzer to the bottom of my make up bag and opt for this and feel all cheery and pink! 
I'm so glad my friend gave me this! I love everything about it! The packaging, the smell (of course the YSL scent), the colour, the feel... everything! I want one in every colour!!!

Have you tried this?!

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