Thursday, 4 October 2012

Models Own Mirror Ball Collection

 Hi everyone!! I am so excited to be writing this as I fell in love with this collection from the word GLITTER!!
Models Own has quickly become one of my favourite nail varnish brands, they're so fun and different! I recently been seeing a lot about these being in high demand so when I saw them, they were mine!!
I used to wear glitter all year round but recently it feels too wintery and christmasy so i've been sticking to block colours, but now it's coat weather, the glitter is back, and what better glitter than colourful chunky glitter - amazing.
Disco Ingerno, a gold glitter with green specks, Christmas Party nails!

Freak Out! Blue toned chunky glitter, ice skating in Hyde park nails!!

Boogie Nights! My new years eve nails!

Hot Stuff, who needs a reason, it's amazing nails!

So I think i will need to do a base colour underneath these, like maybe a gold colour anyway as its quite see through, but i think once I do that this will look so cute!

I found the best way to cover is to literally blob the chunks on then when it goes dry on top but still wet underweight (do you know what I mean?) I press the glitter down so it flattens it!

This just would not cover!!! It looks so sloppy haha!
Oh gosh, best till last!! its soooo pretty!!!

Unfortunatly i went swimming after when I thought they were dry and ... they weren't so the glitter just broke off one nail at a time, boo!
I'm going to try these again when I have a bit more time and i'm not so excited as i believe thats the reason they didn't work so well!!

I really think these will fly off the shelves, they're so cute and feel christmasy that they sell themselves!!

What do you think? Have you tried these yet??? Do you think you'll be getting them?

in love!!!

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