Monday, 11 March 2013

Please be careful.

Hi everyone! 
This is slightly different from what I usually post about, this isn't glamorous or girlie or inspiring, this is quite a downer if I'm honest.
Some might feel it's really gross? But I'm just being honest with what happened.

The other night I went to a house warming party, there was probably about 10 people there so it wasn't like it was packed. I went with my friend and apart from her i only knew one other person who was the host. 

I bought a bottle of Wine and think I got there at about 9, it took me till 11 to drink a little over half. I then called my friend who was in a pub to see if I could come meet her as I didn't feel ready to go home yet and the friend I had come with said she was feeling quite drunk and just wanted to go home. When I was in the Taxi I started feeling super dizzy and far drunker than I had moments before. 

I got into the pub, greeted my friend and then felt like I was going to be sick. 

I don't remember much after that.

From what I've been told my friend was unsure where I was, for ages she thought I was at the bar then got worried when she saw I wasn't, she called my boyfriend who apparently I had called already to say I wasn't well and he told her I was locked in a toilet. 
She came to find me and had to break into the cubicle where I was passed out being sick. 

I can't remember walking out but next thing I know I was in my boyfriends car unable to move or open my eyes or speak at some points etc, I was still being sick and my boyfriend was quite worried as he had never seen me like this. 

I did however say to my boyfriend inbetween drifting in and out of consiousness "I could walk home quicker than how youre driving" 
Always a charmer me.

Anyway, somehow again, I got into my house and next thing i'm on my bathroom floor, I was so disorientated I still thought I was out and i saw tunnel vision and could just make out colours really. Thank goodness my mum has odd taste and I have this weird rainbow rug on my bathroom floor as that was the only thing that made me realise I was home, it's so weird to explain. 
Adam, my boyfriend, was so amazing and the small memory I have, kept quite calm even though he was positive at this point that my drink had been spiked. I was like a ragdoll at times, just floppy!

I somewhat remember being in bed and STILL being sick, now I'm usually the type that if i've had too much to drink i'm sick once, I drink some water and I sleep it off. I've not exerienced anything like this. it's days later and I still don't feel right, I now feel like I have the flu and I'm just hoping its the drugs coming out of my system.

I'm too embarrassed to tell the host of the party, I'm scared people will just think "oh yeah whatever just cause you got so drunk" but it's weird, you know your body, you know when somethings not right, Adam knew instantly this wasn't just a case of too much Wine, no way.

I feel dumb cause I left my drink around so much, I cant remember if it tasted funny or if someone offered me a drink, I literally hardly remember anything. 

I have never been too concerned with drink spiking personally, thats embarrassing to admit, i guess i've just been ignorant but this has really shaken me. 
My friend and I have minesweeped in the past and thought we were hilarious and were fine, but I go to a small gathering and this happens? 

This has taught me to be so careful and a free drink is not worth your safety.

If it hadn't been for my friend Liz breaking into the toilet and Adam coming to my rescue who the hell knows what could have happened. They both looked after me amazingly and I feel so lucky that although it's unfortunate this happened to me, I'm one of the Lucky ones.

Whoever did this angers me so much, I don't know what they wanted to achieve from this but they must be such a sick person.

Please be careful guys, only trust your friends, I know I will be quite paranoid for a while now. 

Just stay safe and if you ever ever feel unwell make sure you call someone who is sober who can know where you are just in case you need help!

With so much love


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