Thursday, 18 April 2013

Vera Wang Pink Princess REVIEW

Hey everyone, I am again (always & forever) excited about a NEW launch by one of my most favorite perfume designers, VERA WANG!

I wrote a blog post about this about a trillion years ago link here about how I didn't have photos or anything and everywhere I looked I found nothing about it!

Well today I hit the jackpot and got to see and smell it with my own, uhm, senses?

I died and went to heaven when I saw the bottle.

Sorry, I have no words. Pink glitter? It's too much, it's too gorgeous and I need it.

It's the same bottle as the original Princess Night which was a deep purple glitter but of course, PINK!

When I first smelt it I first thought "hey I've smelt this before" and as I kept smelling it I came to the conclusion that I actually already own it.
 So after kicking myself over what it is, it hit me that it is basically Taylor Swift Wonderstruck in a pink glitter heart!

Now this is a disappointment cause I WANT IT 
(iiii want it nowwwwww, Verucca moment) 
but can I justify buying it when I pretty much already have it??

However, I would recommend everyone to go try this out, it is delicious, it's a mix of creamy notes and yummy raspberry and if you've run out of Taylor Swift Wonderstruck, it does last much longer than that one which I do love, but was one of its downfalls!

Yes it sheds everywhere, yes it's ANOTHER Princess flanker, but honestly, I see absoloutly nothing wrong with that and I do really adore it.

So are you going to try this out? 
What do you think of the bottle, please love it!

sorry it's been so long xoxo

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  1. So cute! Love it!
    Would u like follow each other? Let me know! Kisses