Monday, 22 April 2013

Impulse | Sweet Smile body spray review

Hey guys! 
First things first, blast from the past or WHAT?
Impulse reminds me of school days when you'd have it in your gym bag and spray far too much after P.E or that sensetive time before you're quite ready to wear deodrant so you get body spray instead.
Impulse made me feel grown up and girlie when I was a young teen, so for that reason it has a place in my heart and I love to give them a sniff every now and then.
I however, just stumbled across this one today!
On facebook the other day a poll popped up (you know on of those annoying sponsered ones that always get ignored) but as it was Impulse I took a look.
The poll asked what your favourite scent was so I answered with my signature Impulse fragrance which was O2, oh yeaaaaah!
Who remembers O2?
Oh my goodness I just googled O2 and here it is!
I really want to smell it now and see the memories it brings back, i only remember it being citrus and so overpowing! 
There was also a pink one that I cannot remember the name of but was oh so good!
Anyway, after that I really wanted to give them a sniff and see what was new, surprisingly the only one I got to was the one I bought, Sweet Smile!

Sweet Smile reminds me of a Victoria's Secret body mist. It's a delicious fruity floral that smells good enough to eat!
It describes itself as having Pear and Jasmine as the main notes but I don't actually smell them, it's so well made actually it all just blends together nicely!
I would spend serious money if this was a perfume, honestly, all that it's missing is smacking a princess crown on and calling it a Vera Wang, it's honestly that good.

This was £1.99 and it's so light to carry around it's got a permanent place in my handbag you see, I'm not one of these girls that can have a big heavy bag with a cutlery drawer and a whole toolbox inside, I'm just far too lazy to lug that crap around. 

I'm such a perfume girl and have more perfume than I need but this is really up there as a favourite right now. 
Even if you don't usually like body sprays go give this a try, it may even surprise you like it did me!!

I hope you're all find and dandy, I'm trying to get into Dawson s Creek as it's on Net flicks and so far so good, I love a bit of 90's cheese.

loveeeeee you 

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