Sunday, 19 May 2013

From Impulse, With Love x

Hiiii there!
My last blog post was about how much I loved Impulse's Sweet Smile, that was a few weeks ago and my love for it has only grown, it's delicious!

I looked up Impulse on Facebook and linked them to my blogpost. 
I love how you can just do that, just drop them a message about how much you love a product without having to be formal and go through emails and call centres!

We spoke back and forth and then they told me they'd send me a little freebie! 

See, this excites me, yes Impulse is £2 and does not break the bank but I was surprised and flattered! 

I expected one of those little ones to trial or something but actually it was a big fullsized version of my beloved Sweet Smile along with a lovely little note!!!

As Impulse is £1 at Boots at the moment I had actually bought one the same day before I came home to see the postman had delivered my freebie so I now should have enough for, oh I don't know 2 weeks at the rate I'm going through it.

A small token that I'm sure wouldn't put a dent in the bank of the #1 bodyspray name in the UK but means a lot to someone who adores the product like myself.
That is excellent customer service and ensures that I will buy more and more because I'm easy like that!
Top it off? My best friend had also joined in the conversation between Impulse and myself and she also got sent the same!
If that's not a company to support then I don't know what is!

Thank you Impulse for sending me another beautiful bottle of this scent, i love it as does my friend!

What do you think?
What companies do you get the best service from?

Anything super sweet like this?
Let me know!!

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