Thursday, 12 December 2013

UCAS... just no.

Hey guys, I've missed a massive part of my life out on here. 
Somewhere along the line, I became a student.... a mature student.... I'm 22..... apparently I'm supposed to be mature. Well sure okay we'll pretend then...

I decided to go to Uni after a 20 something life crisis which consisted of 

"waaa what am I doing with my life? I want to be rich.... I need a career, I dont want to work at a retail chain till the day I die" 

So I sat down, cried probably, slapped myself probably, then I wrote an application form to college and got my arse on an access course.

Access is like an A-level equilivance for old birds like me, it's only a year so it's full on. I have 3 core subjects which are Psychology, History and Law. It's a lot of work. So much work i've took to drinking glasses of wine on weekday nights alone in my room, glass balancing on my laptop.
It's so much work I sometimes feel guilty to have a bath cause I know I should be doing an assignment.
It's so much work I havent slept earlier than 1am in months.

You know what? It's been the best 4 months of my life I'm so happy with the way my life is going right now, the (metaphorical) sun was shining and I was so positive .... then....


Oh hell no, why do we have to do this thing? It's evil.
Do i remember what exam board I sat my German exam in 7 years ago? Do i fuck.
Why do i need to talk about myself for 4000 characters? On one hand thats too little
, where do i fit in the part about my daddy issues? On the other, thats a hell of a lot of words for someone who only just realised they could do something with their life. Oh man.
Silly UCAS.

Oh but no, then you have to pay!!! You pay £22... I'M A STUDENT, I would die if i won £22 on a scratch card. Thats like, a lot you know!!

Anyway, I'm still stuck on my personal statement. I wanted to send a video like Elle Woods but apparently no, that's not how it works.

Unfair if you ask me.....

Who else is doing/done UCAS?
Good luck bitches 
Claire xoxoxox

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