Thursday, 6 November 2014

New Impulse Rock N' Love!

Wow it's been a while since my last post! 
In between all the exams of last year, working this summer, getting stuff together for uni and then getting swept away in the uni lifestyle, i will admit i've let this blog gather a few cobwebs!
So here I am blowing the metaphorical dust away (in a cute little pinnie and bandana i'd like to imagine) and opening with a review!
I was lucky enough to be sent a brand new Impulse fragrance to try a few weeks ago! Actually it was before I moved to uni, woopsie! BUT, at least this means I've given it a good chance to wow me eh?
*love a good excuse*

Anyway, I've previously spoke about how much I LOVE 'Sweet Smile' so of course I was super excited to try this new one!
I really think Impulse has seriously stepped up their game with their products lately right down to the gorgeous packaging.
I'm terrible at describing scents for someone that worked on a fragrance counter, but Impulse describes this as Amber and Orange Blossom, I can't comment on the orange but the amber is definitely there and it makes this scent so warm and do you know what, one of my guy friends described it as sexy, well I'm not going to hate on that!
Now, I'm sorry guys, but as summer is officially over it's goodbye to warm days out but that means hello to cosy nights in bars with a trusty leather jacket, platform boots and vampy lipstick and let me tell you this scent fits in perfectly.   

I actually chucked it in my bag and that's where it's stayed for the last few weeks and it's so perfect to pull out of my bag on a night out and have a refreshing break from smelling like spilt vodka redbull.
In all seriousness, I totally love this scent and will so buy it again when it runs out !
Thank you Impulse for letting me try this out! I'm in love!

What about you?
Have you tried this?

With Love

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